Gabi Madden, For The Miami Student

Sergeant Jerry Yates of the Miami University Police Department (MUPD) has been serving for Miami for 5 years. (SCOTT ALLISON | The Miami Student)

All Miami University students know how busy and lively uptown Oxford nightlife can be.

Most Miamians enjoy going uptown after a hard day of studying, so it isn’t surprising that the streets are filled with people by 10 p.m.

But can you imagine how strange it would be to see the streets of uptown Oxford empty? If you’ve been to Oxford during the summer, this may just be what you’ve seen.

Miami junior Keith Davis knows exactly what it’s like to be in Oxford during the summer months.

“It’s kind of creepy because there’s not a lot of people around,” Davis said.

Lieutenant Ben Spilman of the Miami University Police Department (MUPD) believes that because there aren’t as many people on campus at the moment, things for Miami police are a bit more laid back.

According to Spilman, during the months of school the MUPD averaged about 340 calls per week. After summer began and everyone left for break, Spilman said the calls dropped to somewhere between 150 and 160 calls per week. 

Spilman said the drop in calls doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with a drop in activity, but rather a drop in population. According to him, people are still doing things that the MUPD needs to watch for but the fact that there are less people on campus means that there are less people getting in trouble.

“Do we still see intoxicated people during the summer? Yes, just not as many,” Spilman said.

Since summer months aren’t quite as busy for MUPD, Spilman said that the department uses this time for training.

“First aid, CPR and training on defensive weapons are all taken care of during the summer time,” Spilman said. 

Spilman said this helps make it easier for everyone to get the training they need.

Even though Miami isn’t as populated during the summer, MUPD maintains roughly the same amount of staff all year. 

“During the school year, we have one extra person who is part-time to help out,” Spilman said.

He believes that the busiest time of year for MUPD is the beginning of semesters. 

“Sometimes we aren’t the ones they need but we’re open 24 hours,” Spilman said.  “We’re kind of a last resort.”

Though the beginning of semesters may be busy, it looks as if the MUPD will at least have a little down time until students arrive.

“Miami is dead during the summer, plain and simple,” Davis said. “There are more little kids outside than college students.”

Davis says he feels safer now than during the regular school year.

“You don’t have to worry about much uptown during the summer,” said Davis. “You don’t have to be looking over your shoulder for the drunk person coming down the street.”