Several academic departments and organizations within Miami University pledged their support to the Black Action Movement 2.0 (BAM 2.0) in the last week.

BAM 2.0 expressed their gratitude in a Facebook post last Friday, April 13, in which they thanked “everyone who is standing in solidarity with us.”

Altogether, three academic departments and three Miami affiliated associations condemned racist behavior and shared their support for BAM 2.0.

These groups included the Department of Psychology, the Department of English, the Department of Media, Journalism & Film alongside statements issued by the Howe Writing Center, the Graduate Student Pride Association and the Miami English Graduate Adjunct Association.

Additionally, last Wednesday, April 11 BAM 2.0 released their second press release to the Miami community.

“Moving forward BAM 2.0 plans to continue meeting with administrators, addressing feasibility of demands, reaching out to student organizations about involvement in the movement, and connecting with faculty and staff members and encouraging them to take a stance against racism and bigotry in all forms,” the organization wrote.

BAM 2.0 plans to meet with President Greg Crawford this Friday, April 20 to discuss general updates for the movement, one of the BAM 2.0 founders and junior Aleah Holley said.