The Department of Media, Journalism & Film (MJF) announced Monday, Sept. 24, that they will introduce a new Mansplaining co-major next year.

According to a press release from MJF, students earning a Mansplaining degree will primarily take classes that teach them how to effectively communicate things to women that they already know. Students can take elective courses in independent film, French film, Quentin Tarantino films and feminism.

Brayden Miller, a high school senior who hopes to attend Miami next fall, said he’s “psyched” about the new co-major.

“I think I’m pretty good at mansplaining, but I would love the opportunity to hone my craft,” Miller said. “Did you know the majority of communications majors are female? I think we can change that in my lifetime.”

Miller’s English teacher, Karen Schulman, said she’s sure Miller — and the rest of his male friends — will thrive in MJF’s new co-major.

“Those guys basically taught my class for me,” Schulman said. “Hopefully, with this new program, they’ll be able to talk over their female professors, friends and girlfriends even more effectively going forward.”

MJF made it clear in their press release that the Mansplaining co-major isn’t just for men. The department hopes that male and female  students, will join this “innovative” new field of study.

“Of course, there will only be male professors teaching classes for the co-major,” the press release said. “But we don’t want female students to be intimidated by that; did you know that, as of 2015, 22 percent of American college professors were male? They should be used to it.”

Sophie Brown, a senior journalism major, said the Mansplaining co-major is “absurd.”

As she started to explain why she was “disappointed but not surprised” about the new program, her boyfriend, senior business major Will Kramer, interjected.

“Listen, I think it’s a great idea,” Kramer said. “I’m already pretty good at mansplaining, otherwise I’d totally pick up a minor.”

“He is,” Brown said, through her teeth. “He’s great at it.”