Contributed by Miami University Communications

Miami University announced on Oct. 26 that David Seidl would be the university’s new Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Information Technology department.

Seidl worked at Notre Dame University just shy of twelve years — first as an information security programmer and later as the senior director of campus technology. He also worked as an IT security and privacy analyst at Purdue University from 2003 to 2007.

Seidl was chosen over three other highly qualified candidates, Susan Scott, Mark MacNaughton and Victoria Farnsworth.

“The things I know I bring are a lot of experience in higher education, and over the past few years I have been heavily engaged in things Miami is strategically targeting,” he said. “That includes a lot of work around big data and how to do data analysis to make things better for universities.”

Seidl has worked in higher education for the majority of the last 23 years. At Notre Dame, he taught a course called Networking and Security. The course showed juniors and seniors in the Mendoza College of business how to perform information security networking from a business perspective and how to hack into machines.

Seidl also expressed interest in eventually being a part of the education program at Miami.

“I would absolutely love to teach at Miami. Student interaction is the best way to connect,” he said. “If you can interact in that way, it is absolutely amazing.”

During open interviews, Miami wanted to know candidates thoughts on a range of topics, such as accessibility for the disabled in technology.

“Miami is taking big strides forward when it comes to accessibility. There is a dedicated accessibility team, with five people working on accessibility every day,” he said. “The big question for me will be asking them where they are at right now, and asking them how I can best help them fix the things we hear concerns most about from the community.”

Seidl believes one of the best attributes he brings to the table is his ability to build strong relationships with employees.

“When I come I want talk to every department, and get to know people and their perception of IT, and what they need from IT,” he said. “From there I can make recommendations and start initiatives. I strongly believe if I walk in with a fixed idea of what would make Miami better, I would be making a mistake.”

When asked what made him decide to come Miami, Seidl mentioned a few reasons.

“Three things. First, I enjoyed everyone I met, and am excited to join the family. Love and Honor really spoke to me. Second, I believe this role will challenge me in new ways and be a way for me to learn,” he said. “And third, Miami has new initiatives coming down the pipeline that will be absolutely amazing to be a part of.”

Seidl will officially start on Dec. 3.