At the start of last week’s Oxford City Council meeting, Miami’s Associated Student Body President Maggie Callahan took the microphone during the public comments section of council’s session.

“The university understands there is a real concept and need for a bikeshare in our community,” Callahan said while addressing council last Tuesday. “We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for signing the MOU [memorandum of understanding].”

During Callahan’s term, Miami’s Associated Student Government (ASG) has pushed both university administrators and Oxford’s city council to adopt a bike sharing program with SPIN — a San Francisco-based dockless bike company. ASG has urged Miami and Oxford officials to allow students and town residents to have access to these bikes by entering into an agreement with with the company.

The MOU regarding a six-month pilot program of the service was unanimously approved by council during the Feb. 20 session.

However, the university’s general counsel, Robin Parker, raised concerns about the implementation of SPIN bikes on Miami’s property, and Miami has yet to make a call regarding the future of the bikes on campus, either way.

“The university is going to work on their end to sign with SPIN or work with another company with students,” city manager, Doug Elliott shared with Callahan.

Mayor Kate Rousmaniere informed the ASG representatives that Miami president Greg Crawford was concerned about the lack of helmets and is leaning toward working with a different company.

“We’ll get the MOU with the city finalized,” Rousmaniere said. “But we’d also like the university’s greenlight [for this project].”

Councilman Glenn Elerbe offered his sympathies to ASG and reiterated that he “wants to make sure [they] can see this through” while they are still students on Miami’s campus.

Callahan, along with ASG Secretary for Off-campus Affairs, Sean Perme, and a few other members of ASG, will be meeting with Parker, executive assistant to the president, Ted Pickerill, and Associate VP of Facilities Planning and Operations, Cody Powell, to discuss the pilot program on this Wednesday, March 14.

Check for more updates on the university’s decision to adopt the bikeshare program.