By Krista Savage, News Editor

Last week, Miami University’s Western Dining Commons ranked 14th in ‘36 of the best college dining halls in North America,’ according to an article published by the national chapter of Spoon University.

Spoon University is a national campus publication that serves as a source of recipes and food reviews for college students.  According to co-founders Mackenzie Barth and Sarah Adler, it was created as a way to destroy the stereotype of college being the place where “good food goes to waste.”

Molly Barecca is the editor-in-chief of Miami University Spoon, and has eaten at Western Dining Commons with her friends. She said they agree it has the widest variety of food selection on campus. 

“I love super brunch, personally, because of the variety and the ability to customize options,” Barecca said. “Miami dining is far better than some of the dining halls [my] friends at other schools have described.”

The Spoon ranking considered large state universities and small liberal arts colleges, and used specific criteria to judge the best dining hall, like food quality and overall experience. It lists a sample menu, location of the dining hall and hours of operation for each school.

Western Dining Commons was selected as the best dining experience at Miami. The website emphasizes the variety of food offered at a selection of stations. It was awarded for the Grill & Roast Station, which provides a variety of fish and poultry, and the International Station, which offers cuisine from around the globe.

Kim Kinsel, associate vice president for auxiliaries, said Western Dining Commons is extremely popular among students and staff members.

“They enjoy the beautiful space, the setting and opportunity for outdoor seating,” Kinsel said. “You have the traditional style buffet hall within a space that truly embraces the beauty of Miami and Western Campus.”

Miami Dining Services has worked to gain feedback from students. According to Kinsel, this is the best dining hall because it encompasses everything students have requested.

First-year Henry Sacchini lives in Thomson Hall on Western Campus and eats at Western Dining Commons every day.

“I like it because of the convenience and the Grey Stone store,” Sacchini said.

First place in the ranking was given to Boston University (BU): The Fresh Food Company at Marciano. According to BU students, it is the best dining hall on campus. It includes all-you-can-eat buffet style dining on the top level, and, similar to Miami Western Dining’s Allergen Free Station, BU offers gluten free and vegan options in the Rise Café in the basement.

Like Miami students, BU students feel their dining hall deserves the ranking it received. Rachel DeSimone is the Editor-in-Chief for Boston University Spoon, and said it is her first choice when selecting where to eat on campus. She ate there as a sophomore when it first opened two years ago.

“It is big, bright and open, and there are a lot of stations to cover all dining needs. I completely agree with the ranking,” DeSimone said. “This dining hall is extremely modern, comfortable, boasts a variety of awesome choices and makes you feel like you’re almost not even in a dining hall.”