The McCarthy-Creber campaign violated their Election Committee sanctions by campaigning on March 13-14. According to sources close to the topic, the Election Committee became aware of this infraction on March 30, but denied to act — voting 5-3 against elevating the violation, which could result in another sanction on campaigning, or even full disqualification.

On the afternoon of March 13, the ASG Election Committee was made aware of the McCarthy-Creber ticket’s dissemination of flyers in King Library, resulting in a 24-hour ban on campaigning.

Photographic evidence provided by an ASG senator showed that the McCarthy-Creber campaign had violated the committee’s restrictions.

And the election committee, straying from the clear rules set forth in the elections handbook, did nothing. According to sources close to the topic, committee members were worried about punishing the candidates “after the fact.”

“The Committee decided not to issue a sanction for a submitted violation against the McCarthy-Creber campaign,” reads a statement from the Elections Committee. “The violation was received after the end of primary voting.”

Hannah McCarthy did not respond to request for comment.