By Emily Williams, Senior Staff Writer

An autopsy report has revealed that when Larry Tipton II shot ex-girlfriend and Miami student Rebecca Eldemire, there was marijuana in his system.

The report, issued by the Butler County Coroner’s Office, indicates that Tipton’s urine tested positive for the drug. It does not indicate how much of the substance was present, or when he had last used it.

On Sunday morning, Feb 1, the Oxford Police Department responded to a 911 call from Eldemire’s roommates reporting loud bangs coming from her room in their Level 27 Apartment. Eldemire and Tipton’s bodies were found in her room, dead from gunshot wounds in an apparent murder-suicide. 

The autopsy reports indicate that Eldemire suffered two gunshot wounds of the head, one at her forehead and one at her left lower face. No drugs were found present in her system.

Tipton’s autopsy concludes that the 27-year-old shot himself once, through the mouth.

The reports state that their bodies were found side-by-side lying supine and fully clothed on Eldemire’s bed, Tipton’s .357 Smith and Wesson revolver propped against his side. Five of the seven rounds in the weapon were spent.

A two-page note written by Tipton was also found on a desk within the room. Another suicide note was found at his apartment in Blacklick, Ohio, just outside Columbus.

Three Oxford police officers had responded to a call from Eldmire the night before her murder. She had informed the 911 operator that Tipton, whom she had broken up with that morning, was driving to her apartment from his home. She mentioned that Tipton owned guns.

When the officers arrived, Tipton allowed himself to be searched for weapons. None were found, but no search was made of his vehicle. After police questioned Tipton, Eldemire told the officers that they could leave.

The Oxford Police Department is still continuing its investigation of the case.