Kelsey Harris and her boyfriend Evan Dodds, both 21, were “just hanging out” at a friend’s house on Saturday, Feb. 16. As the group of juniors prepared to head Uptown around 11:30 p.m., Harris said her friend Brynn Wheeler requested they stay to listen to one more Ariana Grande song off her new album, “thank u, next.”

Harris said Dodds then made the “bold fucking statement,” that Grande’s ex-fiancé, Pete Davidson, “isn’t that bad.”

Dodds declared he was “Team Pete,” according to several witnesses, to the abject horror of his girlfriend.“It’s just anti-feminist,” Harris said. “We’ve been dating for two years and I’ve never seen this side of him before.”

Wheeler stood by Harris, and said her own boyfriend, 22-year-old Chad Anderson, “would never betray” her like that.

Anderson declined to comment.

While she “isn’t, like, a die-hard” Grande fan, Harris said, based on a handful of E! News Snapchat stories she’s watched and BuzzFeed articles she’s read, she is firmly “Team Ariana.”

Harris said she was “disappointed” in her boyfriend’s stance on the singer and “Saturday Night Live” star’s former relationship.

“This is just like when we were all talking about Taylor Swift, and he made some comment about her having too many boyfriends,” Harris said. “Like, if you’re gonna be sexist, at least try to be creative about it.”

Dodds denied that he was sexist or anti-feminist in any way, pointing out that he attended the Washington, D.C. Women’s March with Harris last winter and regularly does face masks with her on Sunday nights.

Dodds also admitted that at the time he claimed to be “Team Pete,” he didn’t know anything about Davidson’s and Grande’s relationship and “just wanted to be involved” in the group’s conversation, of which he had felt left out of all night.