Sadie Albright, 21, spent most of last Friday afternoon deliberating which pair of leggings she should wear to Netflix and Chill that night.

Her friend and roommate, Casey Stevens, confirmed that Albright spent at least part of the afternoon on April 6 in her room after class, staring down at each of the nine pairs of leggings she owns, which were laid out across her bed.

Stevens reported that, while Albright “definitely spent the most time” debating after class, she’d also casually mentioned her dilemma the night before at least twice.

“I’m glad she did,” Stevens said. “If she had decided to wash one of them, that would’ve thrown off our house laundry schedule for the entire week.”

While each pair of leggings she owns is black and made of cotton, with some spandex, Albright insists no pair is exactly alike.

“The Nike ones definitely make my butt look the best,” she said. “But this pair I got from Target, like, four years ago is way more comfortable. And I have those other Nike ones, but they kind of have a hole in the crotch, so I only wear those to bed.”

She paused. “Usually.”

Her ex-boyfriend, Danny Contreras, confirmed that the Nike ones “make her ass look real good,” but acknowledged that the old Target-brand ones are probably more comfortable.

Albright said agonizing over which leggings to wear is a problem she and her friends face every day, not just before dates.

“I haven’t touched a pair of jeans since 2012,” Stevens said.

Albright pointed out that was totally not true, because Stevens definitely wore those ripped-up black jeans to that Delta Sig party last Saturday. Stevens conceded that the pants “could maybe be considered jeggings.”

At press time, Albright had decided upon a pair of Lululemon leggings that “definitely fit better in high school,” but made her butt look almost as good as the Nike ones (those, unfortunately, were not clean).

“I’ve worn them twice without washing them, so I feel like wearing them a third time would be gross,” Albright said. “I mean, if I was just going to class, sure, but this is a date.”

According to Albright, the Lululemon leggings were the perfect match for her meticulously chosen top — a maroon sweater that revealed part of her stomach if she moved her arms in a certain manner, “but not, like, in a slutty way.”

Albright became defensive when Stevens suggested it didn’t really matter which leggings she wore to watch a movie in a boy’s bedroom because “they’ll probably end up on the floor pretty quickly.”

“That was so rude,” Albright said. “It’s not like I wore those leggings with the calf cutouts, you know?”

Plus, Albright added, while she’s not, like, a prude or anything, she was considering taking things slower with this guy than she normally does.

When asked to comment, via Facebook message, the boy she was set to Netflix and Chill with asked, “What are leggings? Does that mean pants?”