In the 2018-19 school year, Miami is adding several specialized Living Learning Communities (LLCs) and eliminating its RedHawk Traditions and General Housing options.

Miami president Greg Crawford has publicly challenged the university to provide more academically rigorous LLCs, said Tresa Barlage, associate director in the Office of Residence Life.

RedHawk Traditions and General Housing are being eliminated as part of this push to create more “intentional residence communities.”

“When picking an LLC, it is important for students to think about they are interested in, either academically or co-curricularly,” Barlage said. “There are so many options for LLCs that incoming students need to decide if they want to make social connections or academic connections.”

Miami is welcoming a nursing program to campus next fall, and an LLC for nursing majors will come accompany the program. This LLC was introduced by nursing faculty who thought that an LLC would help create a collaborative learning environment for the students.  

Miami is also creating a Community of Justice and Wellbeing community which was suggested by the College of Education, Health and Society. This LLC will focus on community service and engagement.

Additionally, an LLC is being created for Louis Stokes Scholars, a national scholarship program targeted at a select number of college students who are interested in public service careers.

Miami is also introducing a new concept to the LLC program: affinity communities. An affinity community is a group formed around a shared interest or a common goal.

The Office of Residence Life identified different life experiences that students can find connections through and created LLCs based on these ideas. These include being first-generation college students, out-of-state students and transfer students.

“These LLCs benefit Miami’s campus because they make Miami’s large campus feel a little bit smaller,” Barlage said. “They provide unique opportunities for students and allow incoming students to intentionally make connections with people who have similar interests.”