Gerardo Brown-Manrique,

Dear Miami Stupid…err…Miami Student,

I have resisted writing whenever I find stupid spelling errors, misuse of words, or incorrect grammar [let alone silly uninformed comments].

I no longer can take it… [yes, an incorrectly composed sentence: should have typed “I can no longer take it”]

Your story about Harry Wilks‘ death was touching… until the second part, on page 4. Were you in such a lack of copy, in such a lack of content, that you could not think about how to fill inches of column space?

Are you lacking creative talent? There are nine instances of the same sentence, which unfortunately followed one after the other after the next after one more. Maybe someone fell asleep at the keyboard pressing command-paste, maybe…not.

Please, dear editor, EDIT! Do not “spell check”! READ the copy for content and context and continuity [I am sure there is another C but I will stop here]. You should also, of course, spell check, but that would take more space for me to complain about.

Seriously concerned.