The Miami University College Democrats, along with Senators Klobuchar, Sanders, Schumer, Reid and Warren, would like to urge you to cast your vote for Keith Ellison in the upcoming election for Chair of the DNC.

Here at Miami University, College Democrats and other left-leaning organizations registered 3,013 students to vote, activated an unprecedented amount of volunteers for campaign activities and engaged in constant dialogue with those who might not see eye-to-eye with us on every issue.

Because of these efforts, we made the most conservative public university in the state go 60 percent for Hillary Clinton. We understand that grassroots activism is the most effective way to be successful in an election, and would like to see this model implemented in national strategy.

Reflecting on the results of the 2016 election, it is clear to us that we need new leadership that will do a better job communicating the simple fact that, issue by issue, the solutions our party proposes are vastly more beneficial for the working class. Our party should be less concerned with raising large amounts of money from the billionaire class and more concerned with local, grassroots organizing in all 50 states.

Rep. Ellison’s judgment and foresight could not have been clearer than when he warned that Donald Trump could be elected president in July 2015 — to the laughter of NBC’s anchors.

Keith Ellison’s vision for the Democratic Party — to be the one constantly standing up for all marginalized and disenfranchised people — is the only way for our party to move forward. Under his guidance, the Democratic Party will be able to return its focus to core beliefs.

We will be able to support grassroots candidates up and down the ballot who champion the issues that a vast majority of Ohioans and Americans demand: a fair economic system that promotes upward mobility through a living minimum wage; affordable college; access to healthcare as a human right; and concrete action to reverse the disastrous effects of climate change. These are issues that Ellison has a long track record of fighting for as the co-chair of the House Progressive Caucus.

Ohioans are tired of establishment economics, media and politics, and are looking for a movement that will heed their concerns and offer hopeful and unifying solutions, not scapegoats and resentment. It is urgent that we work to become this movement, and electing a progressive whose concern for working people is obvious would be a major step in reclaiming our base.

Senator Sherrod Brown echoed this sentiment in his recent editorial piece in The New York Times, stating that Ohioans and Americans believe that “you build a society and an economy from the middle class out.” Ohioans know that Trickle-Down economics does not work. It can only benefit the wealthiest and not the majority who only seek good, livable wages to support their families and their children’s future.

Keith Ellison abides by this rationale and it is the only path forward for the Democratic Party. As representatives of the future of this party, we would like you to remember this sentiment when casting your vote.

Miami University College Democrats