On Thursday, L.A. Theatre Works will perform “Judgment at Nuremberg” at Hall Auditorium. The play, in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of World War II, questions the circumstances of war and the interests of the country during a time of conflict.

“‘Judgment at Nuremberg’ is important because it is about the actual Nuremberg Trials that happened after World War II,” said Ellie Witter, assistant director for the Performing Arts Series. “The American-led tribunals were formed to prosecute those accused of war crimes committed during WWII.”

Although originally written as a teleplay, the story has been adapted to both a stage play and an Academy Award-winning film.

The central focus of the play is the American tribunals that were used to prosecute prominent members of Nazi Germany for war crimes committed during the Holocaust.

This play in particular has a special connection to Miami, as John Dolibois was part of the American team that interrogated top-ranking Nazis for the trials graduated in 1942.

Dolibois was Miami’s vice president emeritus for university relations and the former U.S. ambassador to Luxembourg. The Luxembourg campus still bears his name — Miami University Dolibois European Center—better known as MUDEC.

The show will begin at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available priced at $20 for adults, $19 for seniors and $10 for student/youth.