By Emma Kinghorn, Staff Writer

The first thing you’ll notice about Spencer Mraz is his height. Measuring up at 6’10”, he draws a lot of attention. People comment on it all the time.

He only owns two pairs of pants. Usually, he has to get them tailored. It’s easier that way.

But for funerals and special events, it’s harder.

“I’m not going to get them tailored then because it’s not something that’s about me,” Spencer said.

The longest he ever searched for a pair of pants was three weeks — for his grandmother’s funeral. He debated on wearing khaki shorts, but ultimately decided that was just unacceptable.

His parents worked a lot when Spencer was a kid, so he lived with his grandmother during the weeks and his parents on the weekend. Even after he moved out, Spencer’s brother borrowed her car to drive them the mile to her house and back almost every day.

Her passing took a toll on Spencer.

“It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through,” he said.

She was in hospice for two weeks. He was in basketball season. So he missed a lot of practice, and his coach wasn’t happy.

“He almost kicked me off the team for it, but it was worth it.”

Spencer still finds reminders of his grandmother, often in the form of a small, yellow snack.

“Goldfish. She ate them everyday,” Spencer said.

Now, he finds them everywhere — on the sidewalk by his dorm, on the baseball diamond when he’s pitching. He always seems to find just a single, small, yellow cracker.

“I feel like it’s a sign, that she’s there.”

She went to every one of his baseball games and attended church three times a week. Every time Spencer would leave for a game, or to go warm up, she would give him the same parting message: “He’s watching over you.”