By Emily Simanskis, Staff Writer

Drive about 45 minutes down Ohio Route 73, leaving Shideler Hall in the rearview window, and eventually the road will lead to Julia Koenig’s neighborhood in Springboro and the house she’s lived in since fifth grade.

Her mom will likely be home. She’s the person who has instilled in Julia a love for all four seasons, Ohio’s cornfields and, especially, a passion for involvement and helping other people.

“I really like people,” she says between stopping to talk with various students in Armstrong. “I’m fascinated by the amount of energy other people can give me. I am so extroverted in a way that I want to absorb everything.”

Julia’s currently undeclared and looking into social work, but she’s far from unoccupied.

“I really like being busy,” she says. “And having discussions. And trying to do things.”

She’s the co-president of Feminists Working on Real Democracy, the Eco-Rep chair for Minnich Hall and a member of College Democrats, Chi Omega and RedHawks for Hillary.

Julia used to think that “trying to do things” meant involvement in law and politics — the big picture stuff. But now she sees it more as affecting people’s lives on an individual basis, whether that’s registering just one more person to vote or encouraging one more woman to vote.

Julia made sure to express that her passion isn’t necessarily politics; it’s people’s ability to participate in politics. It was only fitting to ask her thoughts on the election results and Julia’s answer spoke to her faith in humanity.

“Other than being really frustrated and disheartened with people, I still love people and I’m still out here volunteering currently and going to meetings,” Julia says, softer now. “I still believe in people and I don’t think that’s changed.”