By Emily Simanskis, For The Miami Student

When Jordan Herald was younger, he dreamed of being a soccer player. Now, his involvement in sports is in a completely different way.

He arrived before school started in the fall to meet the team and get to work — in the press box and on the sidelines — designing social media graphics, promotional and in-game graphics for the football team.

“I don’t really have a title … put ‘graphic/media assistant.’ That’s what I like to consider myself,” Jordan says.

When he first started designing, he drew inspiration from social media.  He stopped designing after working for a pee-wee football team for several months in Miami, Florida, because he didn’t like being told what to do. 

He loses inspiration when he does something over and over again, when he tries too hard or when designing becomes more of a job than a creative process.  A sentiment that is echoed within his own life … an everyday life kind of monotony that has him looking for change.

“What’s your dream job?” I ask.

“Give me a minute,” he says. 

He explains that he’s now unsure of what he wants to do or what he wants to major in.

“Everything I wanted to do is now being changed.”

He’s still doing design, and doing quite well.  If you scroll through his Twitter (@jheralddesign) or glance up at the scoreboard, you can see the fruitions of his creative process — graphics he prides himself on, that he has fun making whether it takes 15 minutes or several hours.

Some designers copy others’ designs, but not Jordan.  He draws inspiration from others but ultimately creates everything himself.

And perhaps that’s what he’s trying to do now — draw inspiration from others but try to design his own life into something he’s proud of.