By Molly Crawford, Staff Writer

Upon meeting Frannie Comstock I was immediately struck by her sense of style. She was wearing a pair of green shorts, a white t-shirt, a backwards baseball cap and red Keds with white socks.

What will amaze you, is that she pulls it off. Her “recycled grunge” style and refusal to wear a bra sets her apart physically from most Miami students, and her personality does as well.

Her easy-going and approachable manner were welcome and her excitement was refreshing, as is her refusal to be anything but herself.

A second year from Cincinnati, she is an executive for Not Very Funny, the stand-up comedy club on campus. Becoming an exec member is what pushed her to really hone her stand-up skills, but Frannie is more interested in sketch comedy, specifically in writing it. She is currently putting together a sketch comedy show.

“I definitely have doubts, but the only way I’ll know if I’m going to succeed [in comedy] is to try, and I feel confident enough in myself to try,” Frannie said.

Her quirky humor, approachable manner and contagious passion make her a go-to for consultation on comedy.

Though her plate is full with activities — writing for Sherman Ave, an internship in communications and her double major in creative writing and media & culture — she is still pushing herself to do more, especially politically. She recently participated in registering voters and running tables through F-Word, the feminist group on campus.

“I’m a flaming feminist,” Frannie said, proudly.

She regrets not being more involved with F-Word and would if her schedule allowed it.

But in the meantime she is dedicated to educating herself on political and social issues.

“That’s the beauty of the time we live in, you can be as educated as you want to be,” Frannie said.