For Doug and Kathy Jenkins, thinking of what they love about each other is simple.

“He has the best sense of humor.”

“Her tennis game! She’s good. Scary good.”

They smile at each other in a way that only couples who have been together for decades do — it’s a smile that says there’s history here.

Neither Doug nor Kathy attended Miami University, yet they could still be found at Charter Day Ball.

Their daughter Allison was co-chair of decorations for the event, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to support her.

They met at Lambeau Field during a Green Bay Packers game in Wisconsin.

But now, they live in Cincinnati.

“Go figure…” Doug says with a laugh.

“We’ve been married for…” Kathy says, looking at Doug.

“Married for 23 years, and been together for…” Doug says, looking back to Kathy.

“Close to 30,” she finishes.