Root vegetables, glazed and seasoned


Parsnips, 2 medium

Carrots, rainbow medley

Sweet potatoes, 2 medium

Walnuts, 2 handfuls

Olive oil

Salt & pepper


Fresh thyme, 4-5 sprigs

The parsnip — a paler, sweeter cousin to the carrot — is possibly the most underrated vegetable. They’re almost always an asset to anything you’re making, both in flavor and nutritional value.

Need more soluble fiber in your diet? Eat a parsnip. Want a healthier heart? Reach for the parsnips. Trying to lose weight? Parsnip.

If you’re unfamiliar with the ways of the parsnip, this side is a good place start.

It’s a bright dish — both in color and flavor — mixing oranges, yellows and purples with saltiness, nuttiness, sweetness and the slight mintiness of fresh thyme.

Just peel and chop all of your vegetables and toss them in a baking dish with a healthy pour of olive oil and several shakes of salt and pepper, each. Throw in two handfuls of chopped walnuts and drizzle three to four figure-eights of honey over the mixture.

Stir until the honey and olive oil has coated all of the vegetables. Place three to four sprigs of fresh thyme on top. Roast in an oven that has been preheated to 375 degrees.

It’s easy to assemble and difficult to screw up, but the only downside to these vegetables is the cooking time: These should have about an hour to roast, until the sweet potatoes are tender, the parsnips translucent and the honey slightly caramelized in the corners of the baking dish.