Jasmine Hayes, For The Miami Student

Green Beer Day (GBD) is a celebration held every Thursday the week before Spring Break when students take over the brick streets of the uptown district and many businesses prepare for a long day full of tradition and festivities. Some stores have extended business hours and others will incorporate green menu items to add to the fun of the city’s unofficial annual holiday.

“There is a special shift schedule for everyone on staff for Green Beer Day,” said Kevin Irizarry, an employee at Bagel and Deli. “We’re open for 24 hours on that day, so all hands are needed on deck.”

According to Irizarry, the main goal for Bagel and Deli is to get everyone their bagel and handle GBD the same way as the typical late night weekend shifts, which are crazy and crowded.

Deliveries from the popular sandwich shop will not be made on GBD because of the increased amount of business the restaurant will receive.

While the most popular bagel at Bagel and Deli is the Crunch and Munch, Irizarry said, many people from past Green Beer Days favored a turkey sandwich on a green bagel made with food coloring.

Sophomore Tiara Welch said, “This is my second year participating in GBD and I’m really looking forward to the green bagels. The thought of it sounds nasty but I bet they are just as good.”

Irizarry highlighted the level of activity Bagel and Deli will expect.

“Green Beer Day is pretty crazy for obvious reasons,” Irizarry said. “People are having a good time and some forget exactly where they are. People order the bagels and demolish them at the counter looking like complete fools.”

Jimmy Johns will also have a full staff ready to satisfy the needs of the mass numbers of expected customers. In preparation of Green Beer Day, Jimmy Johns will open up at 6 a.m. to begin to serve the hungry crowd.

“We’re gearing up to be pretty busy that day and anticipate high sales. Last year’s Green Beer Day was a really good day for us,” Assistant Manager at Jimmy Johns, Brian Cunningham said.

Cunningham said the beginning of the afternoon will have the highest number of customers present ordering either the Turkey Tom or the Italian Night Club.

“Green Beer Day is pretty much nonstop with so much traffic in and out,” Cunningham said. “It is sort of a like an organized frenzy situation. Nothing ever gets too out of control and we have fun with it.”

The gift shop Wild Berry has been selling GBD t-shirts and other apparel that can be used for the festivities.

According to Wild Berry manager Karen Vaught, shirts designed for GBD have been placed in the windows of the store for the past few weeks, including an Irish Tuxedo shirt.

“I’ve had to work Green Beer Day in the past years and the customers are pretty comical,” Vaught said.

Wild Berry will be open on Thursday during the normal weekday hours of 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and will provide students with a lot of different items to complement their green attire.

These businesses are just three of many preparing for chaotic activities and extended hours to meet the needs and wants of the students celebrating Green Beer Day.