I just want to say that I think it is absolutely despicable that you have allowed the article on Timmy to be published and that you refuse to take it down and retract your statement. I know many others have complained about this article and are disgusted as well. I even heard you refused to take it down because “the point of a newspaper is to tell the truth” and that the “Miami community deserved to know the truth about Timmy.”

Let me tell you something: one person’s stupid story about Timmy does not make that the truth about him. The fact you even thought it was appropriate to use that story in what you guys are calling his “memorial” is just wrong. Shows you have no class, no character and no compassion. That one story is not the truth of who Timmy was. He was one of the nicest guys I have ever met, with such a positive spirit that spread to everyone.

I really think that after writing this article you should sit back and maybe think about what this is doing to the community and to his friends and family. Would you want this stuff written about you after you die? Would this be how you wanted to be remembered or judged on?

We have all done stupid things in college — there could be something bad written about every single one of us — but that doesn’t mean that you do it. Especially not for “memorial.”

Lundy Birch