This month, 14 Miami University students and alumni were named semi-finalists in the annual nation-wide Fulbright Scholarship competition.

Three Miami alumni, two graduate students and nine current seniors have moved on to the semifinals of the competition. They will find out if they receive the grants by the end of this spring.

The semi-finalists among the senior class are Sarah Berg, Madison Cook, Emily Erdmann, Michael Rariden, Katelyn Scheive, Alaina Swope, Emily Tatum, Lauren Voegtle and Jessica Weaver. Graduate and alumni semi-finalists are Lulu Abdun (‘18), Alexandra Fair, Cyrus Green (‘18), Samuel Hunter and Austin Young (‘18).

The Fulbright Student Program, established in 1945 by former Senator J. William Fulbright, is the largest United States exchange program and provides grants for research projects and English teaching assistant programs outside of the U.S.

Only 1,900 Fulbright grants are awarded each year. The grant provides extensive opportunities for graduate students to further their education and experience abroad in over 127 countries, helping to expand their worldviews and prepare them for a successful career.