Things we watched,  read, listened to and streamed while dreaming about Spring Break and procrastinating on all of our assignments.



James Steinbauer really likes how the new season represents things that are actually happening in today’s election — especially the fear-mongering Donald Trump and the near certainty of a contested convention. Although he will admit that he’s a little disappointed by Kevin Spacey’s performance in this season compared to the first three.


Britton Perelman’s writing a really long paper about “Casablanca” right now and rewatched the movie for the millionth time over the weekend. She’s never been a huge fan of old movies, but adores “Casablanca.” Bogie  (Humphrey Bogart) is her favorite and she loves that the dialogue is still humorous 70 years later.  Yeah, it’s in black and white, but that just makes the whole thing better. Britton also recommends Aljean Harmetz’ book about the making of the movie — it’s fascinating if you’re into reading about behind-the-scenes production drama from the 1940s.


Emily Williams advises that you don’t watch “Cooked” on an empty stomach. It’s a 4-part Netflix documentary series that will have you wanting to eat really good barbecue, fresh bread and lots of cheese. The whole thing made Emily rethink the way she eats and then hate herself for putting processed food in her body every day. The stories about the nun who’s dedicated her life to making great cheese and Aboriginal peoples who spend their weekends hunting and cooking lizards are pretty cool, too.


When Brett Milam read “The Obama Doctrine,” The Atlantic’s April cover story, he found it hard to dislike Obama when the President acknowledged that the 2011 Libya intervention didn’t work and the country is now a “shit show.” Brett thought it was especially interesting that “The Dark Knight” apparently helped Obama understand the role of ISIS by comparing the terrorist organization to the villainous Joker.


One of Connor Moriarty’s guilty pleasures is the TV show, “Naked and Afraid.” He watched eight episodes — but not all at once — on Sunday because there was a marathon on the Discovery Channel.  That forest fire in the first episode of the new season was super intense and everyone should probably check it out sometime this week.


There are over 200 episodes of “Criminal Minds” on Netflix right now. And Marissa Stipek has watched every single one, at least once. She would probably watch all 10 seasons again because, even though there’s so many, they never seem to get boring. Marissa loves that you learn a lot about the characters and her favorite is Spencer Reed because he’s nerdy and brainy and socially awkward in an endearing way.