There is a shallow excitement among liberals who believe that Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Donald Trump will lead to his

eventual impeachment. But why do liberals even want Trump to be impeached?

During the first year of the Trump administration, it takes a finely tuned magnifying glass to find any major accomplishments. The pro-Trump talking points have centered on the nomination and confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, the rollback of many regulations, and the unhealthy pace the Senate has kept in confirming federally appointed jurists. But Trump has not scored any major feat that should alarm Democrats.

The Supreme Court is important, but the position is apolitical. In a majority of cases, the decision is unanimous. Only 20 percent of cases are decided narrowly. There are “liberal” and “conservative” justices that concur or dissent with those of the other ideology. Only a small percentage of cases are decided along ideological lines. With this known, under what circumstances can Neil Gorsuch being confirmed to the Supreme Court be considered a major victory?

With regard to regulations, most that have been overturned by the Trump administration can be reinstated by a Democratic administration. Further, a large amount of the regulations that have been repealed are simply giving choice to the states. This in itself is not a threat. Although many environmental restrictions have been lifted, overall, the situation for Democrats under a Republican administration could be much worse.

With a scant record and seemingly incessant dysfunction, shouldn’t this administration be the best-case scenario for Democrats? Trump failed in his attempt to replace the Affordable Care Act. It is inconceivable to believe that a replacement will be implemented before the midterm elections which will likely go strongly blue. With regard to the Mexican border wall, although the president is in the process of picking his desired design, it is hard to believe that a wall will be built. With all the incompetence, in truth, the Democrats should be the ones tired of all the winning they have experienced.

Hypothetically, if Trump were to be impeached, the next in line would be current Vice President Mike Pence. Pence is not a novice. He understands the process of crafting and passing legislation. Further, he is predictable and stable. For all the consternation of Trump by fellow Republicans, none of that sentiment follows to Pence. He would be a far greater threat to Democratic party values than Trump.

Pence has espoused many views throughout his professional career which should alarm Democrats far more than Trump’s Twitter account. He believed that smoking does not kill people, homosexuals should be subject to shock-therapy and that businesses should be allowed to discriminate against customers based on religious objections.

If Pence had been elected president in place of Trump, it is conceivable to believe that he would have accomplished all that the current pesident has and more. His agenda would also be far more conservative than that of Trump. Under what logic would Democrats replace a president who has not achieved much with a figure who is an ardent social conservative and most likely will be a more effective legislator than the current president?

Democrats have prided themselves on inclusion and acceptance. Besides the temporary travel ban, Trump has not implemented any meaningful legislation to affect multicultural groups. Sure, he has publicly offended them, but compared to concrete legislation, does it really matter?

I am not a Democrat, and I agree with much of the limited agenda the president has initiated to this point, but he has been wholly incompetent in his role. While that may be a disappointment to those who voted for the president, it is a gift to the Democratic Party. They lost an election to a man who does not know what he is doing. As long as national security is maintained, liberals should be proud of the president’s lack of accomplishments

If Democrats are to proceed in their pursuit to impeach the President, they are only hurting themselves. They must look to his ineffectiveness as president and weigh their opportunity for an election victory in 2020. In all likelihood, if Trump is removed, there is a greater opportunity for conservatives to implement much of their agenda than with Trump in office. If liberals truly want to prevent what they believe is a dangerous conservative agenda, it would be in their best interest to leave the current president in place.