Sarah Title,

Her tale is an inspiring one. You all know about the blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty forced to grow up in a disapproving and critical environment after her father dies. She manages to find the strength to overcome adversity. Or, she finds a fairy godmother with a magic wand. 

The age-old folktale Cinderella that may seem like a distant memory of your childhood is still applicable today. It’s possible to get your perfectly fit glass slipper just like she did. Call me crazy, but you have more similarities to this Disney princess than you realize. While you may not get to go to the prince’s ball in a pumpkin-turned-carriage, you can use many of Cinderella’s tactics to achieve your happily ever after.  

Step One: Ignore the haters. Cinderella grew up with two evil stepsisters who sabotaged her daily and ruined her handmade dress to ensure she couldn’t make it to the ball. Cinderella didn’t let Anastasia and Drusilla keep her from the ball, and you shouldn’t either. If you know who you are and what you want, then you should still go after it regardless of those who may try to stand in your way. After all, success really is the sweetest revenge. 

Step Two: Work hard, play hard. Cinderella spent her day scrubbing, sweeping and cleaning the whole house (including the chimney) in order to attend the prince’s ball. She worked hard so she could have a night out at the castle. Just as college students should take diligent notes, write papers and study for exams, we can be rewarded with a couple of nights out on the town. The harder you work, the greater your reward. 

Step Three: Have supportive and loyal friends by your side. Although Cinderella’s closest friends were mice, they still possessed the qualities of good friends everyone should have. While Cinderella cleaned the house, her little friends sewed her a dress to wear. While she was trapped in a room, they strategically helped her escape so she could be with the man of her dreams. With good friends who do nice things for us and help us out in times of trouble, we can achieve anything. According to Reader’s Digest, people with a social support live longer and healthier lives. A solid support can give you the confidence to do what you dream of knowing you friends will be there to guide you when you’re lost. 

The final step to achieve a Cinderella lifestyle is to fight for what you want. Although she was locked in the room while the prince tried to fit the shoes on her stepsisters, she pulled, tugged and yanked at the door in an attempt to get it open. She worked hard for her stepfamily in the hopes that one day her mundane tasks would lead her to happier times. Perhaps this is the most important lesson Cinderella has taught. She taught perseverance. When school gets grueling, push through it. When you feel deceived, find your self-confidence. In the face of adversity you must not back down. You must keep trying over and over until you achieve your dreams. 

Let’s thank Walt Disney for turning this timeless fairytale into a popular cartoon. This Disney princess is much more relevant to life today than you might think. Lessons about confidence, work ethic, friendship and personal drive are all constant themes throughout the movie. With a little encouragement from her fairy godmother, Cinderella makes this happy ending for herself. She continues to have a positive outlook throughout all of her hardships and doesn’t let anything get her down (at least not for too long). Maybe following Cinderella’s many life lessons is the road to finding your own happy ending.