Tickets on sale for Science Friday

On April 21, radio and television journalist Ira Flatow will host his public radio show “Science Friday” live on campus. The program is broadcast weekly on Public Radio International to an audience of 1.8 million people, and, according to the show’s website, offers listeners “a lively, informative discussion on science, technology, health, space and the environment.” 

Intercultural group improves cultural competency

On Wednesday afternoons, part of the Health Services building turns into a temporary hub for students from all different backgrounds to share foods from their cultures while Fred Shueh makes bubble tea. Some days just a few students come to the meeting, while other days, as many as ten gather to share their stories and hear from others.


Sprinkler head defect causes water damage in Armstrong

Over 1,000 gallons of water burst through one of the sprinkler heads in the Joslin Senate Chamber in Miami’s Armstrong Student Center (ASC) over roughly 30 minutes on Wednesday, Jan. 3. The sudden burst of water pressure set off the fire alarm, forcing everyone in Armstrong to evacuate until the Oxford Fire Department (OFD) arrived to shut off the water.

Miami primatologist earns national distinction

Linda Marchant’s office is located near the back of a small warren of rooms in a corner of Upham Hall. A printout of a meme is taped to the primatologist and professor of anthropology’s door, expressing frustration with people who call apes “monkeys.” Inside, books and papers fill the shelves along one wall and cover most flat surfaces, reflecting the knowledge and curiosity of the woman who sits in the middle of it all.


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