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BROCKHAMPTON had an epic 2017, and you didn’t even know it

Picture the group that might utter a line like “best boy band since One Direction.” Do they look like One Direction, or the biggest boy bands before them? Young men with features sculpted by the gods themselves, seemingly placed on this earth to make teen girls cry and record labels rich? Or do you imagine a ragtag group of young and largely black music nerds that met on the internet and crash in the same house?

Redhawk Radio to host free indie concert

For Miami students who are  looking for some new music to add to their summer playlists, Redhawk Radio is offering a solution. This Wednesday, Redhawk Radio will be hosting a free spring concert featuring the bands Argonaut & Wasp and Cross Country. The concert will run from 8-11 p.m. in the Armstrong Student Center in Pavilion C.


Dance Theatre performs spring concert

As the bright, swirling Technicolor background lit up Hall Auditorium, the audience was instantly pulled in. Dancers in long, medieval gowns began to twirl from behind the curtains until they were interrupted by a young man in full 1970s hippie garb, carrying a boombox playing “Stayin’ Alive.”

Opening Minds through Art displays work at OCAC

“One thing we all have in our lives is creativity,” Dr. Elizabeth Lokon told the gathered crowd at the Oxford Community Arts Center last Friday. This is the key principle that drove her to start the Opening Minds through Art (OMA) program at Miami back in 2007. Through OMA, Miami students work with those who suffer from dementia in and around Oxford, allowing these patients to become artists.


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