Scott Allison, Online Editor

(SCOTT ALLISON | The Miami Student)

Attention fried chicken lovers! A recipe that is 50 years in the making is making its debut in Oxford.

Brick Street Bar and Grill just added a new item to their menu, and to the delight of those in the area who still lament the departure of Kentucky Fried Chicken, the crispy treat is back in town.

Broaster fried chicken may look like any piece of fried chicken, but what sets this chicken apart from the rest of the coup is that it is cooked in a pressure fryer. The pressure locks in the juice and flavor while the oils crisp the outside, allowing this piece of meat to be as crispy as it is tender and juicy.

The blend of spices and herbs that season this chicken gives it a unique, mouth-watering flavor that leaves you wanting more. The chicken doesn’t leave you with that feeling of needing to run 10 miles to burn off those calories from the oil and grease, which is something special in its own way.

Looking closer at the Broaster brand, the reported nutritional facts are slightly more desirable compared to other leading brands in the fried chicken industry. The difference is in the flavor, and the pressure cooker really seals in the Broaster zing.

It is safe to say that pressure fried chicken is going to be the next big thing to hit Oxford, and it sure is nice to see something other than another sandwich shop coming to town.