Mike Emling, Vice President of Campus Activities

Nothing beats waking up to see your kid’s name in the school paper. And this week, I couldn’t be a prouder papa bear. First, I’d like to thank both JM Rieger for his column “CAC needs more events” and the editorial board for their editorial “Support Necessary for Miami Athletics” in Tuesday’s edition. Believe me — we love seeing Campus Activities Council (CAC) make headlines. However, I wish both Mr. Reiger and the editorial board would have done their research prior to print. If they had, they would have discovered a few things.

First, they would have realized CAC is in fact sponsoring major activities at three out of the five home football games this season. As mentioned, CAC’s spirit board took the lead on the white out for the home opener, igniting this campus and distributing 500 shirts to RedHawk fans. Saturday, CAC’s Family Weekend will be hosting our sold-out V.I.P. tailgate before the game against Kent State University, giving away hundreds of seat cushions, foam fingers, stadium cups, sunglasses, koozies and T-shirts. Not to mention, we will be recognizing the Miami University Family Member of the Year at halftime. For the Oct. 23 game, CAC’s Homecoming Board is planning the biggest day of pre-game events in recent Miami history, from the annual parade from uptown to Millett Hall, to the pep rally at Tailgate Town featuring Miami student performers, to a ton of Miami Homecoming giveaways and gear to help our students show their Miami spirit.

Let me remind you all of this is coming from an organization, CAC, whose mission is to be a leader in all varieties of university-wide programming, not just those events focused on athletics. Already this year, CAC has sponsored or co-sponsored the Backyard Bash, the Welcome Back Concert, Mega Fair and the Latin American and Caribbean Festival. We have a jam-packed Family Weekend beginning Friday, the Goo Goo Dolls show Saturday and the “N*W*C: The Race Show” Oct. 6. And let’s not forget about Homecoming, Oct. 18 to 23 — by far CAC’s biggest week of events — aiming to unite the Miami and Oxford communities and celebrate not only our 200 years of accomplished history, but also the bright future Miami students are creating for our university today.

Furthermore, both Mr. Reiger and the editorial board missed a key part of this conversation. They failed to recognize the important partners CAC works with to make these events happen. The Sept. 11 white out could not have been a success without the outstanding help of Red Alert and the Athletic Department. Family Weekend could not happen without the assistance of the Parents Council and the Performing Arts Series. Homecoming is far and away the best example of a university-wide collaboration: the combined efforts of CAC, MUSF, the Athletic Department, the Alumni Association and countless student organizations truly make the week what it is. Yes, I do believe CAC is taking the lead this year in organizing these events — and I commend The Miami Student for recognizing that — but I also want to emphasize that CAC has embraced a truly collaborative approach to much of our programming and we are lucky to work with such talented partners.

So, what’s next, you ask? Take a look in the mirror, I answer. It all starts with you, the Miami students. CAC and our partners have more than a few creative plans to catalyze that love and honor we know that you, our student body, has formed into an in-your-face, fist-pumping pride that usually only opposing sieves can inspire. We’ll bring the excitement, the activities and the free swag all day long, but if you don’t show up, it’s all for naught. (Plus, I’ll end up wearing like 100 foam fingers at Saturday’s football game.) So stay tuned, Miami, for some big ideas from CAC this season and far beyond. After all, we make things happen.

Mike Emling

Vice President of Campus Activities, Associated Student Government

Executive Chair, Campus Activities Council