Sammie Miller, For The Miami Student

As part of the “Responsibility to Protect” lecture series, photojournalist Ron Haviv will discuss how he captured violence and genocide with his camera. (Courtesy Miami University)

Award-winning photojournalist Ron Haviv will be speaking on his experience documenting conflict, violence and genocide around the world. His lecture comes as the last in the Genocide and Holocaus Education Program’s series “The responsibility to protect,” sponsored by the Center for American and World Cultures.  

In his lecture Thursday, Haviv will present a series of short films interspersed with commentary and observations. He will also share photos from the past 25 years of his career.

“Many of the photographs that will be included in this lecture are from genocides in Rwanda, Central America, Iraq and more recently, the Arab Spring,” Haviv said.

In addition to showing his images, Haviv will also be discussing with students the role of the photographer and the impact of the events themselves, as much of the material he has photographed is historically significant.

Throughout his career, Haviv has visited and lectured at a large number of universities worldwide. When Miami University contacted him to take part in the Genocide and Holocaust Education Program, he was excited for the opportunity to speak to students about his work.

“One of my major missions is to bring the stories that I have photographed into the educational arena,” Haviv said.

Haviv has found that speaking to college students about these stories in an academic setting has given his work even more meaning.

“It is extremely inspiring to me to have a conversation with students about what is going on around the world,” Haviv said.

Mary-Jane Berman, the series chair and director of the Center for American and World Cultures, said she is very excited for Haviv’s visit.

“His lecture will serve as the culminating event for the series that has been going on since the beginning of April,” Berman said.

The Center for American and World Cultures encourages any interested students to attend Thursday night’s program.

Haviv’s lecture will take place at 7:30 p.m. in 1000 FSB.