Down the ‘Rabbit Hole’ of tragedy and grief

“Rabbit Hole,” written by David Lindsay-Abaire, will be performed at the Oxford Community Arts Center on Friday, April 20. The play revolves around a couple grieving the loss of their young son after a car accident. The show only has five characters: the mother, the father, the grandmother, the mother’s sister and the teenage boy who hit the couple’s son with his car. Each character works through their grief differently, trying to move forward with their lives. The play puts a spotlight on the strained relationship of the married couple. Director Becky Howard describes the play as a character study into people’s different forms of grief. “It’s not this horribly sad play that is going to make you cry the whole time,” Howard said. “There is some humor in it too because for a lot of people humor is the way that you deal with grief.” The play uses heavy symbolism to communicate its message. The stage is set with a monochrome set: A kitchen, living room and dining room are dressed with dark colors and stark lines. The costumes are dark too, contributing to the scene. The room of the dead son, which sits at front of the stage, is thrown into bright prominence against the background. “The idea is that this is the little boys room and they haven’t dismantled it even months later,” Howard said. “So...

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Humans of Oxford: Kay Connelly: Getting stronger everyday

“Even when I was counting the calories in my gum and running 20 miles a day, I didn’t realize I had a problem.” Kay Connelly loves dogs, fashion, coffee and jamming out to music. She has a passion for performing, socializing, running and learning. She is a writer for Her Campus and transferred to Miami to pursue her ambition for organic chemistry. Kay is also recovering from anorexia. At first, she didn’t realize there was anything wrong with wanting to feel skinny, even bony. Even when she hit an extremely dangerous weight, even when her skin became a yellowish...

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Humans of Oxford: Jack Bellinger: Aspiring radio personality

It’s a quiet Tuesday in Williams Hall. Groups of students are gathered around small study tables, and the TV plays recent student media projects. First-year Jack Bellinger walks through the lobby and up to the second floor. His Beats headphones play pump-up music to get him in the zone. He enters the recording studio and is greeted by his three friends, who will all turn into co-hosts at 4 p.m. He takes his place — the chair on the right side of the studio, closest to the door. He replaces his Beats with the studio headphones, grabs the mic...

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Humans of Oxford: Maeve Collins: Following Familiar Footsteps

Maeve Collins isn’t the first. Every time she takes a step on campus, she knows her parents, cousins and uncles have taken the exact same walk as her. Every building she walks into, every club she joins and every class she attends, she isn’t the first out of her family to do so. She feels the pressure to become a merger like her parents, to attend a top-level graduate school like her mother, to have as much fun as her uncle did on campus. Does she want to rush a sorority like her cousin? Does she want to be here for five years like her father? She doesn’t know. Maeve has always considered herself different than her parents. She has different ideals than them, a different personality and interests. Her parents have been telling her the story of how they met at freshman orientation for as long as she could remember, and she got sick of the story fast. While the love story was cute, she never saw her future at Miami. She wanted to live a different life than all her relatives did. So, when it was finally time for her to chose her own path, she applied to six schools scattered all over the country. New Orleans, Ann Arbor, Dallas, Boulder, Memphis. She never thought she would end up in Oxford. Yet, here she is. Life is...

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