Author: Megan Zahneis

Seniority for LCPL faculty on horizon

By Megan Zahneis, News Editor Non-tenure-track faculty members at Miami may soon have another opportunity for advancement within the university ecosystem. The university has been hiring more instructors who are not research-focused, often at lower salaries. But those instructors — called lecturers, clinical and professionally licensed faculty, or LCPL — have  in the past had only one promotion opportunity. A committee has been commissioned by University Senate’s Executive Committee to explore the possibility of adding a second promotion point for LCPL faculty, who currently may apply for “senior” status by submitting a dossier during or after their fifth year...

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Dependence on contingent faculty erodes MU mission

Professor, second class  _ First in a series By Megan Zahneis, News Editor  John-Charles Duffy can’t get off his hamster wheel. Last fall, after four years of teaching in Miami’s Department of Comparative Religion, Duffy was promoted from visiting assistant professor (VAP) to instructor. That’s a step up in salary and job security. But it’s still not the tenure-track position he’s hoped for since earning his Ph.D. in 2011. To have a chance at tenure — that is, career-long job security — at Miami or another institution, he’ll have to make original contributions to knowledge in his field. But...

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Prospective president earns high praise

By Megan Zahneis, Senior Staff Writer Brett Milam | The Miami Student Gregory P. Crawford’s friends and colleagues say he’s energetic, innovative and ambitious. He stood out as an administrator and professor at the University of Notre Dame and, before that, at Brown University. Now he’s returning to his home state of Ohio to be Miami University’s next president. The Board of Trustees announced Thursday morning that Crawford had been named as the finalist to succeed current president David Hodge. Crawford comes to Miami from Notre Dame, where he most recently served as Professor of Physics and Vice President...

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AAUP faculty voice concerns

By Megan Zahneis, Senior Staff Writer Members of the Miami University advocacy chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) are circulating a faculty survey to gauge faculty morale and gather information about the issues faculty members are most concerned with on campus. The survey, which was opened in the fall and had received 200 responses by the end of January, drew feedback on a number of faculty issues, including health and welfare, a perceived lack of transparency and shared governance at the administrative level, salaries and the university’s overall mission. Miami’s AAUP Advocacy chapter secretary, Deborah Lyons,...

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Roommate to roomhate: Fear and loathing in Dennison Hall

By Megan Zahneis, Senior Staff Writer Roommates. They’re either your best friend or your worst enemy — and sometimes, a little bit of both. Abby Smith, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, ought to know. The senior strategic communications major’s experience living in Dennison Hall during her freshman year is the stuff of horror stories. Abby was originally randomly assigned as one of three girls in a triple. But midway through first semester, she was asked whether she’d mind if one of the girls in a triple across the hall swapped places with one of her...

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