Megan Zahneis

Megan Zahneis is a sophomore journalism and interactive media studies double-major with plans to minor in disability studies. She is from a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio and served as a staff writer and senior staff writer at The Miami Student before becoming a news editor. She hopes to parlay her interests in narrative nonfiction, memoir and in-depth reporting into a career as a writer.

International applications decline as anti-immigrant sentiment climbs

If Rebecca Guan could do it all over again, she wouldn’t choose to come to Miami. “No,” she said simply. “I would have stayed in China.” The sophomore, who’s from a northern part of China, said that the decision international students make to study abroad in the United States is already a difficult one. Now, it’s increasingly fraught with uncertainty brought about by a spike in anti-immigration sentiment since the 2016 presidential election. And were Guan a high school senior back in China today, those issues would convince her not to pack her bags and travel to Oxford — or elsewhere in the U.S., for that matter. It’s a conclusion many more international students may soon be reaching, as universities nationwide have seen numbers of international student applications drop this year. Miami University isn’t immune to that trend, according to data provided by admissions staff. As of Sunday, April 9, 2017, applications from international students are down by 4.1 percent this year from 2016, Miami admissions staff say. This marks a year-to-date drop from 4,897 applications in 2016 to 4,696 in 2017. Though this percentage is low, this fall-off is significant. Before this year, Miami’s international admissions were on a steady annual climb that began in 2014, when the number spiked by nearly 60 percent. On a national scale, several reports have indicated that international students are less likely...

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Students solve schedule woes with Miami Scheduler website

“We’re not super-geniuses,” sophomore Brennan Hoeting promised. On either side of him, fellow second-years and computer science majors Luke Artnak and Grant Eaton concurred. But the average Miami student, mired in the straits of class registration season, might beg to differ. Hoeting, Artnak and Eaton are the co-creators of Miami Scheduler (, a website that lets students input classes they need to register for, then generates potential schedules for students to browse. Users also have the option to refine their schedule possibilities with filters (for example, eliminating schedules with classes that start before or end after a certain time)....

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After feedback, honors students still to get priority registration

CORRECTION Tuesday 4/4 9 a.m.: Students currently being recruited for Miami’s University Honors Program (the Class of 2021, entering in fall 2017) will receive the same registration privileges as current Honors students. The Class of 2022 (entering in fall 2018), not the Class of 2021, will experience the planned changes to Honors registration. After receiving feedback from students enrolled in the University Honors Program, last week, Provost Phyllis Callahan revoked planned changes to the university’s registration processes that would have limited Honors students’ registration privileges. As it stands, all Honors students are able to register in BannerWeb several days before...

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MU registrar rolls out new changes for Fall ’17 semester

UPDATE Tuesday 3/28 2:30 p.m.: The Student has learned that, as of yesterday, the office of Provost Phyllis Callahan has reversed an earlier decision regarding priority registration after reviewing student feedback. According to a release, students enrolled in the University Honors Program will retain early registration privileges, and Honors time tickets will soon be reversed. As Miami students gear up to register for fall semester classes, they can expect a number of changes. For one, the time in between class sessions is being increased from 10 to 15 minutes, a move university registrar Dave Sauter anticipates will be popular...

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Miami’s Student Package Center moves to Shriver

Effective in August, the location of Miami’s Student Package Center is changing — and so is the way that on-campus students pick up their shipments. The package center, which now operates out of Wells Hall, will be housed on the lower level of Shriver Center and feature intelligent locker technology, allowing students to access their packages 24 hours a day. “Students can pick [their package] up at any time, if they’re coming back from the library at midnight, if they’re coming from Uptown at 2 a.m,” Matt Frericks, Miami’s senior director for auxiliary facilities and planning, said. Almost 2,000...

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