Author: Emily Williams

The ‘Good Samaritan’ rule: A vital but flawed policy

As the memory of last weekend’s hospital palooza is still fresh in the minds of the Miami community, it is important to further discuss Miami’s alcohol policy and the effects it has on students’ behavior. Specifically, it’s vitally important to review Miami’s “Good Samaritan” policy, as it is one that can literally mean the difference between life and death. As many students hopefully know, Miami and the Miami University Police Department have a policy which allows for students that report an emergency situation to university or hospital officials to be immune from school disciplinary action. The exact policy, which...

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Miami receives record number of applicants

Applications for 2021 class show increase in domestic diversity   As of Feb. 15, the Miami University Office of Admissions has received 30,068 applications for the class of 2021, breaking the 30,000 mark for the first time in the university’s history. Not only is the applicant pool of record size, it’s also the strongest academic pool the university has ever seen with an average ACT score of 27.7 and an average GPA of 3.73. Applications from domestic students of color rose 5.5 percent, while applications from international students decreased 6.8 percent. Susan Schaurer, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management...

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Oxford names Differdange as Sister City

At a meeting of the Oxford City Council on Tuesday, Feb. 7, the council announced that Differdange, Luxembourg is being named Oxford’s “Sister City,” an agreement meant to signify the bond the cities share and improve cultural understanding between the two communities. This announcement was formalized Monday, March 20 at a public signing at Oxford’s Lane Library. The signing followed a weekend visit from two delegates representing Differdange, both public officials in their home city. Tom Ulveling, a councilman in Differdange, and Henri Krecki, secretary of Differdange, spent the weekend attending various meetings around Oxford and at Miami University....

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TMS reporter rides along with MUPD on “blackout” Thursday

11:30 p.m., Havighurst Hall Two girls were huddled beside an MUPD officer across from a room in Havighurst. The girls, clutching water bottles and dressed to go out, tried to peer inside the room and ask the officer questions that he couldn’t answer about their friend — the one inside waiting for an ambulance. She was curled up in bed, engulfed in blankets with her head in another friend’s lap. The friend rubbed her back and held a trash can below her mouth. Soft, yellow string lights illuminated the five other girls and two MUPD officers crowding the room,...

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Breaking up and branching out: finding independence after heartache

“The stress of college got to us.” Emily and John were a dynamic pair. They started out as best friends. They went to the same high school in Indianapolis and spent their summers working at a summer camp in Brookston, Ind. By their senior year, they were a couple. Last year, John whisked Emily away to prom by asking her to the dance with a “Want to FLY away to Prom w/ Me?” poster board, complete with a faux boarding pass. “We should’ve taken a break the first semester so we could find our own people. There was too...

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