Author: Emily Williams

Addressing alcohol at Miami: Defining the ‘why’

This has been an unusually emotional semester for our campus, as we have tragically and unexpectedly lost several members of our community. Our grieving stems not just from our own personal sense of loss, but through the realization that the world has been deprived of the enormous positive impact these bright and talented people certainly would have had. Because alcohol played a role in one of these deaths, the university has had much to say about our ongoing efforts to reduce high-risk alcohol consumption in our community.  Inevitably, much of this response has focused  on “what” we are doing, or “how” we are dealing with the issue, but I would like to shift the focus on the more fundamental question of “why” (nod to Simon Sinek).  I respectfully offer these thoughts not from my position as Miami’s sitting dean of students, but as an educator who very intentionally selected Miami as the place to begin my career almost 30 years ago. In an important sense, Miami’s “why” — and the “why” of education more generally — is to guide individuals toward their life’s purpose.  If this goal is achieved, a most virtuous cycle is created, since a purpose-filled life is the core of personal happiness and growth, and concurrently those who act with purpose generate the greatest common good. Miami attracted me because it was one of the finest...

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Voting for student body president ends today

Some students have had difficulty voting for student body president on The Hub. “If any student receives a ‘Yikes’ message when trying to vote they should go to ‘My Involvement’ on the hub, go the the ‘submissions’ tab, find the elections section and delete their previous form. Then they should try to vote again on the main page,” reads an ASG Elections Committee statement on the topic. Over the course of the 38-day election, the Callaghan-Elfreich campaign spent $1893.86; the McCarthy-Creber ticket spent $1717.01. Neither of the campaigns hit the spending cap of $2,000. Neither campaign took donations this...

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McCarthy-Creber violated sanction

The McCarthy-Creber campaign violated their Election Committee sanctions by campaigning on March 13-14. According to sources close to the topic, the Election Committee became aware of this infraction on March 30, but denied to act — voting 5-3 against elevating the violation, which could result in another sanction on campaigning, or even full disqualification. On the afternoon of March 13, the ASG Election Committee was made aware of the McCarthy-Creber ticket’s dissemination of flyers in King Library, resulting in a 24-hour ban on campaigning. Photographic evidence provided by an ASG senator showed that the McCarthy-Creber campaign had violated the...

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Defining Our Drinking Problem

Over the past month and a half, The Student has asked dozens of students, administrators and Oxford residents the same question: “How do you define Miami’s drinking culture?” Over the next few weeks, our coverage, both in print and in the form of a documentary (released on our website April 14) will explore the ways in which alcohol is regarded and consumed by Miami students. Our reporting will address the societal, historical and mental health-related issues that surround drinking in Oxford. This week’s coverage includes an article from News Editor Tess Sohngen that compares Miami students’ drinking habits with...

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OPD names next K-9 unit handler, new police dog to join the force

In November of 2016, the Oxford Police Department’s patrol and narcotics K-9, a German shepherd named Cole, was forced to retire early, prompting a search for a new handler and police dog for the OPD. After a long selection process, Oxford Police Chief John Jones has confirmed that Officer Matt Hardin will be the next K-9 handler. Jones says that Hardin will be attending training from late June to August. Sikora says getting a new K-9 is a long, arduous process. “We usually hope to get about eight years out of them. My last dog only lasted six and...

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