Author: Emily Williams

Cowboy boots for Crawford

The Miami president’s unique fashion choice By Emily Williams, Managing Editor “This is my best pair.” Miami University’s new president, Gregory Crawford, kicked his heels up, slightly lifting the leg of his black dress pants to admire the shiny, dark brown cowboy boots. Crawford didn’t always wear cowboy boots. It started when he was at Notre Dame University, where, from 2008 through spring of this year, Crawford served as the William K. Warren Foundation Dean of Notre Dame’s College of Science, a professor of physics and vice president and provost for the university. He had been recruited to volunteer...

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Daryl Baldwin named MacArthur Fellow

By Emily Williams, Managing Editor How do you measure genius? Exceptional creativity, promise for future advances and the potential to stimulate others’ creative work: this is how the MacArthur Foundation distinguishes the recipients of its “genius” grants — annual awards given to individuals to help them pursue artistic, intellectual and professional visions. This year, Daryl Baldwin, director of Miami University’s Myaamia Center, has been named a 2016 MacArthur Fellow for his work in the preservation and revitalization of the Myaamia language and culture. Baldwin is one of 23 recipients, including a graphic novelist, a human rights lawyer, a long-form...

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Miami takes steps toward diversity

EducationCounsel recommendations considered  By Emily Williams, Managing Editor Miami University is making steps to implement recommendations from EducationCounsel, an education consulting firm that visited Miami’s campus last April. The firm interviewed about 200 students, faculty, administrators, athletic coaches and staff about their experiences related to diversity and inclusion at the university and asked them for ideas on how Miami could improve. Based on those interviews, as well as additional research about Miami’s population and practices, EducationCounsel provided the university with a document of their findings and recommended actions. The report was also informed by Miami’s 2020 Plan and the...

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‘The Accused’: Investigating an unsolved Oxford Murder

By Emily Williams, Managing Editor On Dec. 28, 1978, 23-year-old Elizabeth Andes was found dead in her apartment in Oxford, Ohio — only days after her graduation from Miami University. “In some ways, I feel like a stalker,” journalist Amber Hunt says in the first episode of “The Accused,” a new podcast from the Cincinnati Enquirer. She goes on to describe how intimately familiar she’s become with Andes, a woman whom she’s never met and whose unsolved murder has consumed Hunt’s life for the past year. The police quickly zeroed in on Bob Young, Andes’s boyfriend, then 22, who...

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Normalizing relations brings Cuban coffee to U.S.

This story was previously published in The Miami Herald’s In Cuba Today and can be found at By Emily Williams, Managing Editor In another step toward rebuilding diplomatic relations with Cuba, coffee grown on independently owned farms can now be exported to the United States. Nespresso, a Swiss coffee company owned by Nestle Group, announced last month that they will be selling Cuban coffee in the United States. The product, Cafecito de Cuba, is currently being sold as a limited edition product. On April 22, the U.S. State Department added coffee to a list of products entrepreneurs within the Republic of...

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