Author: Emily Williams

Crawford signs letter to Homeland Security

Miami University President Gregory Crawford joined 600 other college and university presidents in signing a letter to the Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly, expressing concern over President Trump’s Jan. 27 executive order. The order, which is currently under suspension, blocked citizens and refugees of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. Today, a federal appeals court unanimously ruled to maintain the freeze on Trump’s controversial order. In the letter, which was distributed by the American Council on Education, the signers confirmed their commitment to be partners in matters of national security but argued that the country’s willingness to welcome scholars and scientists has greatly benefited American education in the past. Openness to those individuals is necessary to maintain the United States’ position as a global scientific and economic leader, the letter argues. “Our nation can only maintain its global scientific and economic leadership position if it encourages those talented people to come here to study and work,” the letter reads. “America is the greatest magnet for talented people from around the world and it must remain so.” Among Ohio’s public universities, Bowling Green State University, Cleveland State University, Kent State University, Ohio University, Ohio Northern University, Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati joined Miami in signing the letter....

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MUPD releases incident report on student death

Alcohol was likely a contributing factor Miami University President Gregory Crawford emailed the Miami community Thursday morning expressing his devastation with the death of first-year Erica Buschick and suggesting that high-risk alcohol consumption was to blame. The Butler County Coroner’s office has not released a toxicology report, but a 25-page incident report obtained by The Miami Student from the Miami University Police Department, containing written statements and emails from witnesses, helps to create a timeline of the events that transpired before Buschick’s death. The records suggest that alcohol most likely contributed to Buschick’s death. According to the incident report,...

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What they left behind: Life after loss

Part I They fought because he started smoking cigarettes again. On a Thursday afternoon, Ting Zhao’s boyfriend abruptly left their neighboring rooms on the second floor of Miami University’s Hillcrest Hall. He took her student ID card with him, allowing him access to her room when he was ready to return. Ting and her boyfriend swapped cards regularly. They lived in the same building, but, this way, they could be more accessible to one another. The 19-year-old didn’t think much of her boyfriend’s disappearance. This had happened before. Usually, he cooked and brought back whatever food he made —...

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‘Making a Murderer’ creators come to Miami

Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos can pinpoint the moment that inspired their Netflix docuseries “Making a Murderer.” It was 2005. They were film students at Columbia University, on a train and a New York Times headline caught their attention: “Freed by DNA, Now Charged in New Crime.” Two photos accompanied the headline, both depicting its subject Steven Avery. One featured a freshly exonerated Avery in 2003, after he’d served 18 years for a crime he hadn’t committed. The second presented Avery two years later, now accused of murder. “We thought Steven Avery really was this ideal window into the system,”...

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In search of a ‘wow’ moment: Everyday magic in Amsterdam square

I’d been in Europe for two weeks, and I still hadn’t had that wow moment. The moment that’s supposed to jump out at you and say, “Hey! You’re in another country! Isn’t this amazing?!” I’d been all over Luxembourg. I’d seen castles and mountains and loved every minute of it all, but I was still searching for that one moment. Maybe my expectations were too high. I’d been to Europe two years ago and had glorified the memories in my head to the point of perfection. Or maybe I was so comfortable in Luxembourg that it just felt like...

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