Author: Emily Williams

Breakups and bingeing

The harmful impact of dealing with first-year heartache Kasey didn’t expect to spend her second night of college in the hospital after an hour of lying facedown in the grass, trying to make conversation with a cop between spells of vomiting. She didn’t expect the overwhelming need to hook up with guys each weekend to feel whole. She didn’t expect to binge drink to try to forget about her breakup in a place that was completely foreign to her. Kasey’s was one of the many high school relationships that go up in flames due to going away to college....

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Uptown from the outside

Last Halloween weekend, I went Uptown with my boyfriend around 11 p.m., headed straight for the corner of High Street and Poplar where crowds of other students were also making their way toward BrickStreet. Except, instead of getting into the line of people waiting to go inside, the two of us went over to the opposite corner of the intersection and sat down on the long wooden bench facing the bar. We weren’t there to get drunk or go dancing; we were there to eat day-old bread from Jimmy John’s and people-watch as our fellow students celebrated the holiday....

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Shots fired Uptown, minor injury

A female Miami University student sustained minor injuries after a firearm was discharged at 15 W High St., outside of Cellar Bar, around 1:25 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 11. The injured student — whose name has not been released by the Oxford Police Department — suffered a minor shrapnel wound on her finger, though it’s unclear if the perpetrator injured her intentionally. She was treated and released quickly. After a dispute in a bar was brought outside, several rounds were fired. Bystanders speculated that the gun was fired from a moving car. The vehicle in question was stopped and...

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Two sexual assaults reported

MUPD, OPD investigations ongoing Last week, two female Miami University students reported that they had been sexually assaulted. One student reported to MUPD that she had been sexually assaulted by a male student whom she knew in the early morning hours on Sunday, Feb. 5 in her room in McBride Hall. Early on Friday, Feb. 10, a female student reported to the Oxford Police that she had woken up in a bed in an unknown residence without any memory of arriving there. She told police she had been Uptown earlier that night and had left with an unknown male. According to an incident report from the Oxford Police, the female student had reported from the hospital that she had been sexually assaulted by three males at a local apartment. The incident report said that OPD officers searched the apartment, and suspects in the case have been identified. Students were notified of the reported assaults through campus crime alerts. MUPD and OPD are currently investigating the...

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Individuals must change the binge-drinking culture

The following piece, written by the editorial editors, reflects the majority opinion of the editorial board. Last Thursday night, in just a three-hour time frame, 11 students were taken McCullough-Hyde Hospital. The occasion, of course, was a Miami tradition, this year called “Blackout Thursday,” the first night of the semester that women in sororities are allowed by their chapters to go out to parties and bars Uptown and to drink in general. Over the entire weekend, emergency services in the area responded to 21 calls related to students’ alcohol consumption. All of this occurred not a month removed from...

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