Author: Emily Williams

MU students support Black Lives Matter, Stop Trump protests

By Emily Williams, Managing Editor “Show me what democracy looks like!” “This is what democracy looks like!” On Saturday afternoon, Miami University students joined about 1,000 protesters gathered in Cincinnati for two different causes — a call for justice for Sam DuBose and opposition to the rhetoric of president-elect Donald Trump. Over the course of the afternoon, the protests merged to mixed results. Anna Lucia Feldmann, a senior social justice major, is participating in Miami’s Over-the-Rhine residency program this semester. For the internship component of the program, Feldmann has been working at the Contact Center in Over-the-Rhine, an organization...

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Down-ballot races show progress for women of color

By Emily Williams, Managing Editor On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton’s supporters gathered at the Javits Center in Manhattan. The crowd convened under the building’s glass ceiling in the hopes that the setting would be a symbolic backdrop for the first female president of the United States to give her acceptance speech. But that didn’t happen. Instead, after hours of waiting, watching Trump’s electoral vote count climb dangerously closer to 270, campaign chairman John Podesta told them to go home. We understand why many Americans have identified with the #NotMyPresident hashtag (which, as we’re writing right now is the top trending hashtag...

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At Miami, Clinton to win despite narrowing gap

New Miami Student survey shows students suspect a Trump win By Emily Williams, Managing Editor Miami students will favor Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on election day, according to a survey from The Miami Student. Forty-one percent of respondents said they will be voting for Clinton versus 32.8 percent who will be casting a ballot for the GOP candidate Donald Trump. Among the remaining students, 5.6 percent will be voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and 2.2 percent for Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Ten percent of respondents have not decided how they will vote and 7.8 percent do...

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Post-truth politics have become the reality of this election

By Emily Williams, Managing Editor On a recent episode of “This American Life,” a podcast from NPR member station WBEZ, host Ira Glass discussed his concern for this election’s effect on the future of journalism. Now, he explained, the expression of fact can be perceived conveyed as partisan while blatant lies can be accepted as truth. “That’s our country right now,” Glass said. “And this is going to continue after this election, no matter who wins. This is the rest of our lives, I think, this post-truth politics.” Aspiring journalists like me are left to wonder — once this...

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Show some respect for our ‘most beautiful campus’

By Emily Williams, Managing Editor Early Tuesday morning, Miami horticulturist Bill Zehler got a call from one of the university’s maintenance workers. Someone had defaced the floral “M” outside of Pearson Hall. That “M” is the most photographed flowerbed on Miami’s campus, Zehler said. Most people will stand behind it, to the side or in front. But others feel the need to get right in the middle of it. Zehler has worked at Miami for 20 years, designing and maintaining the over 20 flower beds on campus, including the university’s Formal Gardens. Every year, Zehler and a team of...

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