Feast in the Mideast an unexpected success

Organizers were late putting together the event. Flyers were only distributed within participating groups. A-frames and advertisements didn’t go up until the day of. Yet somehow, crowds were so large that extra seats had to be brought into the Shriver Heritage Room last Monday night for the Feast in the Mideast, a collaboration between multiple religious groups on campus. If you ask Miami’s Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) president Zaheer Choudhury or Miami’s Hillel president Sam Adler, both will tell you the same thing – it was a success they didn’t anticipate. “We definitely did not expect as big of a turnout,” said Choudhury. “It all worked out really well.” The unanticipated number of guests were treated to a dinner of authentic Israeli and Arab cuisine. Later in the night, attendees enjoyed a stand-up comedy show performed by the Laugh in Peace Comedy Tour, an interfaith trio of stand-up comedians representing Judaism, Islam and Christianity. “It was awesome, amazing,” said the Reverend Susan Sparks, one of the comedians. “So many faith groups coming together like this is a great show of unity and says a lot about this campus.” Although the Laugh in Peace trio were brought to campus primarily to perform, they also were able to enjoy the food. Among the dishes served were Kosher beef, curried vegetables, Mujaddara (a Lebanese lentil dish) and more. “The food was amazing,”...

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Opening Minds through Art displays work at OCAC

“One thing we all have in our lives is creativity,” Dr. Elizabeth Lokon told the gathered crowd at the Oxford Community Arts Center last Friday. This is the key principle that drove her to start the Opening Minds through Art (OMA) program at Miami back in 2007. Through OMA, Miami students work with those who suffer from dementia in and around Oxford, allowing these patients to become artists. Today, the OMA program is offered at 57 locations across the United States and worldwide with plans to expand to over 100 Ohio locations within the next two to three years....

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