Sigma Alpha Epsilon voted back on campus

By Victoria Slater, Managing Editor Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity (SAE) will return to campus next semester, after a fireworks incident led to its suspension in 2012. The Intrafraternity Council (IFC) approved SAE’s re-affiliation petition at a meeting Tuesday, and granted them “associate membership,” which means they can participate in formal recruitment in the spring, and in social events like Greek Week. However, according to IFC’s outgoing president senior Zach Scheid, in order to achieve full membership, SAE will need to seek university recognition. SAE lost recognition Aug. 23, 2012 for violating the fireworks, drugs and disorderly conduct clauses of...

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Meningitis case confirmed, student seeking treatment

Miami University confirmed a case of meningitis on campus Tuesday, with all signs pointing to the less severe viral strain. The student is a male who lives in Morris Hall, fellow residents say. He is currently receiving treatment. Cindy Traficant, a practice administrator at Student Health Services, said the bacterial form of meningitis tends to be the most dangerous, while the viral strain is generally less serious, more common and easily treated. “Most college students carry the viral diseases that cause meningitis, but very few will actually develop meningitis,” she said, adding that only about 1 in 1000 infected...

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Searching for life’s meaning, finding philosophy in the stars

“What’s the meaning of life? What is the point of all this?” are questions that often plague our minds, especially after long days when the coffee is running low and nothing is going right. Searching for meaning is a survival mechanism — a form of higher evolution that propels us intelligent species forward, evading death. Without meaning, we would likely collapse into an eternal misery that disables us from completing basic human functions — reproducing, building cultures, contributing to our societies, living. And when we are probing for the answer to the meaning of life, for that little bit...

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MU’s Child Development Center earns 5-star rating

Far away from the hustle and bustle of campus, on an idyllic stretch of shady land off Western Drive, exists another university. Here, students live the college dream. They are cooked full meals each day, play outside at recess and have designated nap times. This is Miami University’s Child Development Center, one of four child care centers that operate under the Mini University umbrella. This summer, Ohio awarded the Mini University on Miami’s campus, and its three other locations in various areas of Dayton, a 5-star rating for meeting the state’s highest education standards. The “Step Up To Quality”...

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Department of Justice intervenes in discrimination lawsuit against university

By Victoria Slater, Managing Editor When 21-year-old Aleeha Dudley, a former Miami University student who is blind, sued the university for discrimination in January 2014, she had no idea it would become a federal case. Now the U.S. Department of Justice is intervening in her lawsuit, supporting her claims that the university denied her access to the proper tools and equipment she needed to learn, and failed to accommodate disabled students as a whole. The Justice Department has since concluded that Miami University has violated the Americans with Disabilities Act and will proceed to reach a resolution out of...

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