Supreme Court should legalize sports gambling

The legacy of departed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is one that will be hard to discern. He went from the hard-charging face of the Republican Party to a governor allegedly closing bridges to spite political rivals, and chastising constituents on radio stations. The fate of the former presidential candidate was destined to be among promising but forgotten politicians. But the final legacy of the deposed governor has yet to be written, largely due to an action currently before the Supreme Court.

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Miami should re-release grade distributions

There comes a time in one’s collegiate life where the realization sets in — learning is not the most important part of college. While the administration and faculty preach about the analytical and problem-solving skills that come with a liberal education, students come to realize that attaining a higher grade point average is far more advantageous. While the two can coexist, one is far more valuable than the other.

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The danger of ambition: Principles, not positions, should motivate politicians

In 49 B.C., Julius Caesar became the dictator of the Roman Republic. Caesar had a singular ambition: to lead the world’s greatest empire. He had served in many auxiliary roles, then consul, in his ascension to commander of the Gallic forces. Caesar had married and divorced in search of political advantage, with each subsequent marriage slowly building his power and influence.

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