Miami should re-release grade distributions

There comes a time in one’s collegiate life where the realization sets in — learning is not the most important part of college. While the administration and faculty preach about the analytical and problem-solving skills that come with a liberal education, students come to realize that attaining a higher grade point average is far more advantageous. While the two can coexist, one is far more valuable than the other. The responsibility of the university administration is to best prepare their students for success in the next phase of their lives, whether it be in further education or the workforce. This is undoubtedly achieved through allowing students to learn while earning their highest possible grade, and this is where the administration has strayed. During the 2016-2017 academic year, Miami decided to remove student access to course grade distributions. The original reason behind removing access was due to privacy concerns, but that assertion is simply ridiculous. In classes where there are over 20 students, there is no conceivable manner in which a particular student’s grade can be deduced. The distributions allowed students to decide which courses best suit their intellectual and academic interests. They provided the courses that were taught by each professor and how many students achieved each grade, culminating in an aggregate grade point average. In total, it provided greater information for students to become informed about the courses...

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The danger of ambition: Principles, not positions, should motivate politicians

In 49 B.C., Julius Caesar became the dictator of the Roman Republic. Caesar had a singular ambition: to lead the world’s greatest empire. He had served in many auxiliary roles, then consul, in his ascension to commander of the Gallic forces. Caesar had married and divorced in search of political advantage, with each subsequent marriage slowly building his power and influence. Caesar sought to become the greatest Roman general of his time, taking greater risk to achieve where his predecessors had failed. In suit of his final determination to be seen as the supreme ruler of Rome, Caesar failed...

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Democrats should want Trump to stay if they want GOP efforts to fail

There is a shallow excitement among liberals who believe that Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Donald Trump will lead to his eventual impeachment. But why do liberals even want Trump to be impeached? During the first year of the Trump administration, it takes a finely tuned magnifying glass to find any major accomplishments. The pro-Trump talking points have centered on the nomination and confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, the rollback of many regulations, and the unhealthy pace the Senate has kept in confirming federally appointed jurists. But Trump has not scored any major feat that should...

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The state of campus conservatism

Following the election of President Trump, the political expression of those that dissent has become more vocal. There has been an invigoration of the progressive cause that has led to the so called “resistance.” That raises the question of what the resistance stands against: President Trump or conservatism itself? The anti-conservative agenda has created an environment where not only those who support the president are vilified, but those who believe in basic conservative principles are clumped into a monolithic group. This is exemplified by an event that occurred Oct. 20 near the Miami University seal. Students for Life, an anti-abortion group, had a display to share the stages of fetal development. Their display was promptly destroyed in broad daylight. Everyone holds the right to have their own opinion, but under what circumstance does that necessitate being hostile toward another? Students for Life was not hurting or bothering anyone. They were simply displaying their views in a peaceful and respectful manner. The barrage of anti-conservatism extends to the classroom where a vast majority of the faculty hold liberal beliefs, which is not a problem. But when their beliefs become reinforced in their instruction it creates an obvious conflict of interest. These are not merely assignments for one to share their opinion on a controversial issue ­–the objective is to convince and ingrain in the class that these are objective truths....

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Miami students should have greater choice on fees

One issue that galvanizes both sides of the political spectrum is the inflated cost of attending college. Although the cost of tuition along with room and board is far too high, the costs are a necessity for the vast majority of the student population. The expenditures that cannot be justified are exemplified through the exorbitant fee structure in place at Miami University. The most prominent fee is the “basic general fee”, with a whopping cost of $1,939 each semester. It covers various services that are provided to students such as music organizations, the Goggin Ice Center and intercollegiate athletics,...

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