A dangerous trinity: grad student researches alcohol, sexual assault and silent bystanders

First-year graduate student Lauren Sherrard is researching a topic that has recently dominated national conversation: sexual assault. Specifically, she studies the intersection of alcohol, sexual assault and bystander intervention among undergraduates at Miami University. According to the Ohio Department of Higher Education, 16.7 percent of Miami University students reported experiencing sexual harassment and 20% reported non-consensual sexual contact in 2017. From her post in the Department of Kinesiology and Health, Sherrard investigates the external factors — environment, alcohol use — that influence whether a bystander will intervene in a situation where a sexual assault may occur. She has been working on a bulk of the preliminary work in formulating a research question and project: conducting a literature review and critically evaluating the campus climate at Miami. Sherrard will conduct surveys, and use that information to improve the sexual education programs Miami has in place. The preliminary work completed thus far will help her tailor the surveys and ask appropriate, high yield questions. Sherrard’s research coincides with increased national attention on sexual assault. Sexual assault is an issue that is becoming more openly discussed in our society and on university campuses with initiatives like the #MeToo movement, Denim Day and Sexual Assault Awareness month. Incidents of sexual assault and harassment are also being discussed in academia, with serious investigations led by organizations such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) and...

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A three-dimensional solution

Human body parts are currently being replaced by inanimate objects. This isn’t a horror movie. It’s an engineering lab Graduate student Louis Krieger designs 3D models to replace skin and tissue in medical product testing and training. Like many scientists, Krieger’s goal is to develop solutions to issues plaguing society. Krieger is working toward a Master’s degree  in the Chemical, Paper and Biomedical Engineering Department. After first settling into life as an undergraduate at Miami, Krieger decided to join the research lab of Jessica Sparks and continues to work under her mentorship. His efforts in the lab have focused...

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