Author: James Steinbauer

A first-hand experience with the Good Samaritan Policy

SPECIFICS OF UNIVERSITY PROTOCOL OUTLINED BY OESCR Josh was found passed out on Cook Field in mid-January earlier this semester. His roommate had tracked Josh’s location, which was shared via his phone, and took him home to Dorsey Hall. When Josh came back to his dorm, he was visibly intoxicated and throwing up in the bathroom. He appeared incoherent and unresponsive. Josh’s roommate poured water all over him to no effect and right away made the decision to call 911 for help.  Josh was able to receive medical attention and utilize the Good Samaritan policy through Miami University. “I am personally thankful for the Good Samaritan policy,” said Josh, a Miami University first-year who agreed to talk with The Miami Student on the condition of anonymity. “I’d rather have to go the hospital and the counseling and the classes that come with the policy than experience the consequences that come with that risk…which we have already seen this semester. I think our issue is that no one knows about the policy at Miami.” The controversy regarding the Good Samaritan policy is that many students on campus are unaware of the specifics: in which situations does a student qualify for Good Samaritan, what are the costs associated with it — both financial and punitive — and does it apply both Uptown and on campus? The Good Samaritan policy ensures that students...

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Miami’s Mindfulness Center sees busy, but peaceful, first year

The Mindfulness and Contemplative Inquiry Center, located in 128 McGuffey Hall, will celebrate its first year anniversary in March. The center focuses on using mindfulness and contemplative inquiry to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Currently, the center offers two courses for credit and holds drop-in meditation every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. The center also works with faculty through faculty learning communities. Suzanne Klatt, the director of the center, likes to define mindfulness in the words of Jon Kabat-Zinn, a pioneer in the field of secular mindfulness-based stress reduction: “[Mindfulness is] the awareness that arises when...

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Stressed-out college students turn to food

The fifth and sixth weeks of the semester usually mean projects, presentations and midterm exams — plus a large box of Goldfish, Starbucks Frappuccinos and two pints of Ben & Jerry’s. Although it’s not a diagnosed form of disordered eating, stress eating is a common problem across many demographics, especially college students, said Gretchen Matuszak, director of Miami’s Didactic Program in Dietetics and instructor in the department of kinesiology and health. Matuszak attributed the unhealthy habit to the increased number of stressors that college students face. “With stress, you’re talking about about exams, midterms, having to meet with friends....

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Faculty notice post-election shift in political conversations among students

Faculty are noticing a shift in the political conversations among their students in this post-election semester. According to some undergraduates, attending any POL-designated course last semester was a rough experience. Domestically, the political climate was volatile. Personally, the feeling of being put on the defense was constant. Erin Glynn, a freshman political science student, saw that her classmates adapted to the uneasy climate in differing ways; some chose to lash out when confronted with provocation, some withdrew into a bubble of like-minded peers. This behavior did not fall on oblivious minds — professors in the Political Science Department at...

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Other serious problems on Miami’s campus stem from alcohol abuse

If there’s been one overwhelming constant in feedback from the student community at Miami, it’s that it feels like The Miami Student’s coverage of alcohol use on campus is personal. It’s an attack on the students. It’s an affront to their culture, to the release that they take in hanging out with their friends. It’s an insult to what they like to do. It’s elitist. It’s inconsiderate. We’ll be the first to admit that the coverage of alcohol on and off campus in these past few weeks has been extensive. But we keep writing about alcohol at Miami because...

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