Author: James Steinbauer

ASG unlawful in barring The Student

The following piece, written by the editorial editors, reflects the majority opinion of the editorial board. James Oaks, the secretary of on-campus affairs for Miami’s Associated Student Government is heading to an ASG Oversight Committee meeting today, according to several sources close to the proceedings. Although Ohio Law mandates that it must be open to the public, The Miami Student’s reporter will be barred from the committee meeting. On Sunday, The Miami Student made repeated requests for information regarding the time and location of the committee meeting and was stonewalled. In a face-to-face meeting with ASG leaders Monday night, The Miami Student asked whether or not its reporter would be able to attend. Their response: that is not going to happen. ASG leaders argued that they have their own constitution to follow, and it exempts them from Ohio’s open meetings statute. The Ohio Revised Code Section 121.22 requires that all meetings of any public body be open to the public at all times. The statute defines “public body” as “any board, commission, committee, council or similar decision-making body of a state agency, institution or authority.” This includes any committee or subcommittee of these bodies. Frank LoMonte, an expert in the First Amendment and media-law who represents student journalists for the Student Press Law Center, believes state law and court rulings are clear. ASG’s constitution does not insulate them from...

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Here’s to the fools who dream: Let the upsets inspire you

I knew I was going to have to wake up in the middle of the night, miss the red carpet interviews and settle for a blown-out image through FaceTime if I wanted to watch the Oscars. The night of the Academy Awards is like Christmas for me — a night I look forward to all year because of the speeches, the jabbing jokes and the video montages of the year’s best movies that make my heart swell. I was determined to watch it live with my family, despite the six-hour time difference between the U.S. and Luxembourg. It was tradition....

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In terms of costly dining, MU takes the cake

Few issues earn as much ire on Miami’s campus as the meal plan. The hours for dining halls are bizarre and unwieldy. Buffet swipes disappear after each semester. The Diplomat Discount, giving 33 percent off every declining balance purchase, is gone. Another big one: cost. Even the lowest tier of Diplomat meal plans (dubbed Diplomat Minimum) costs almost $2,000, which seems — at first glance, at least — to be an absurd amount of money for something with so many glaring weaknesses. Gallup reports that the average young adult spends $173 per week on food, or nearly $9,000 per...

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Survivors who come forward change the campus culture

The following piece, written by the editorial editors, reflects the majority opinion of the editorial board. The beginning of the semester marked a spike in reported sexual assaults at Miami, with five victims coming forward in the month of February alone. Most happened in dorms on campus, all on the weekends and all in the early hours of the morning. All the victims were female. Meanwhile, the university is currently under federal investigation for what The Miami Student reported as “its handling of sexual assault cases.” In a letter addressed to Miami President Gregory Crawford, the Ohio State Department...

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OSU, Miami assaults shed light on epidemic

Within the month of February, there had been five reported sexual assaults on Miami University’s campus. They occurred off-campus and on-campus, leaving many students and faculty to question why the number of assaults have increased in this past month. However, Miami is not alone in these attacks. The Ohio State University recently lost one of its students to sexual assault: Reagan D. Tokes. Tokes was kidnapped, assaulted and murdered by Brian Golsby. In The Ohio State University President Michael Drake’s full statement, he told his students, “As always, the safety and well-being of our community is our first priority.”...

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