James Steinbauer

James Steinbauer is a Journalism and International Studies double major from Cleveland, Ohio. His interests include reading, narrative journalism, food writing, cooking and traveling. He hopes to work in the field of international journalism, sharing both front page and often untold news stories from the eyes everyday people.

Arrests, fines don’t target party culture

A mere few weeks ago on the holiest 24 hours of the academic year (Green Beer Day, in case you needed clarification), I joined a group of green-dyed, shamrock-clad 20-somethings in a mass exodus down a back alley, strolling quite leisurely to the nearest OPD-free party, a task that required nothing more than checking a file saved in my phone under the name “Green Beer Day Party Schedule.” While pretending to be en route to my French 201 class, I witnessed an all too familiar scene involving a middle-aged man wearing a hooded sweatshirt and an underage boy with an unfortunate case of baby-face and a can of Natural Light; man sees boy, boy looks at every individual blade of grass while hustling away, man asks boy for his ID, boy immediately begins to mentally envision the impending phone call to his parents. The funniest thing about this story is not the look on the kid’s face when the badge came out and the cuffs went on, but rather the fact that I saw that same exact boy later that evening. He was 1) drunk, 2) still 18 years old, 3) still baby-faced and 4) entirely unconcerned with his earlier arrest, as well as with the potential to be arrested again. A week or two before this incident, a friend of mine called me to ask if the restaurant...

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Vegan makeup a cruelty-free, economically comparible alternative to the norm

At this point I’m sure everyone, even those who don’t use makeup, has heard about cruelty-free makeup.  However, you might not have the right definition of what “cruelty-free,” really means.  The name suggests that it is makeup that was made without killing or harming animals, but that is not true.  According to the FDA, cruelty-free means that the finished product was not tested on animals.  This is misleading because most animal testing happens at an ingredient level, meaning if the product is tested on animals before the formula is finished they can say that it’s cruelty-free. Cruelty-free makeup is a great first step, but I encourage makeup and animal lovers to try something else: vegan makeup. Before you write me off as another crazy vegan let me say this: I am nowhere near that. Cheese is a crucial part of every single meal I have and I eat chicken basically everyday at the dining halls. But I still believe that vegan makeup is a good investment. Vegan makeup is, like the name suggests, makeup that was made without using animal ingredients or animal derived ingredients (including, but not limited to, beeswax, honey and collagen). One of my main worries when I heard about vegan makeup was it would be more expensive than most makeups, which are expensive as is.  However, once I started researching I found that it was...

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The Student’s take on ASG presidential candidates

The following piece, written by the editorial editors, reflects the majority opinion of the editorial board. Yesterday on the Hub, the polls opened up, giving the student body the chance to vote in the primary elections for the ASG president. Before the polls close Tuesday night, it’s worth taking a closer look at some of the more competitive candidates. The Student’s editorial board and senior staff writers had the chance to sit down with most of the tickets. (Hannah McCarthy and Thatcher Creber did not respond to our interview request, and therefore are not included here as we cannot accurately present our opinion on their campaign.) First is the Ryaan Ibtisam-Paul McCreary ticket. In our interview with the two, Ibtisam declared on the record that he has experience dealing with OESCR because of a pending charge. Additionally, he discussed his outsider status with ASG and the fluctuating nature of his platform, which is focused on what students are most interested in at any given time, as strengths. However, these traits border on the negative side, with a lack of knowledge about ASG and an inconsistent platform as potential problems. The Ibtisam-McCreary ticket is well-intentioned, but unreliable at best. The Callaghan-Elfreich pairing certainly displayed its determination and understanding of current issues at Miami, namely that of Miami’s understaffed Student Counseling Services (SCS). Callaghan, personally affected by her own experience with...

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ASG unlawful in barring The Student

The following piece, written by the editorial editors, reflects the majority opinion of the editorial board. James Oaks, the secretary of on-campus affairs for Miami’s Associated Student Government is heading to an ASG Oversight Committee meeting today, according to several sources close to the proceedings. Although Ohio Law mandates that it must be open to the public, The Miami Student’s reporter will be barred from the committee meeting. On Sunday, The Miami Student made repeated requests for information regarding the time and location of the committee meeting and was stonewalled. In a face-to-face meeting with ASG leaders Monday night, The Miami Student asked whether or not its reporter would be able to attend. Their response: that is not going to happen. ASG leaders argued that they have their own constitution to follow, and it exempts them from Ohio’s open meetings statute. The Ohio Revised Code Section 121.22 requires that all meetings of any public body be open to the public at all times. The statute defines “public body” as “any board, commission, committee, council or similar decision-making body of a state agency, institution or authority.” This includes any committee or subcommittee of these bodies. Frank LoMonte, an expert in the First Amendment and media-law who represents student journalists for the Student Press Law Center, believes state law and court rulings are clear. ASG’s constitution does not insulate them from...

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