Author: James Steinbauer

OSU, Miami assaults shed light on epidemic

Within the month of February, there had been five reported sexual assaults on Miami University’s campus. They occurred off-campus and on-campus, leaving many students and faculty to question why the number of assaults have increased in this past month. However, Miami is not alone in these attacks. The Ohio State University recently lost one of its students to sexual assault: Reagan D. Tokes. Tokes was kidnapped, assaulted and murdered by Brian Golsby. In The Ohio State University President Michael Drake’s full statement, he told his students, “As always, the safety and well-being of our community is our first priority.”...

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Ask Angela: Should I stay or should I go?

Hey Angela, I need to get some input on my current dilemma. I have this “boyfriend” … I put boyfriend in quotes because he isn’t really my boyfriend. This guy is someone that I liked to have fun with on the weekends around 2 a.m., if you know what I mean. We have had this routine of “hanging out” for almost 2 years now. Recently, he has been acting sort of weird, not responding to late night texts, snapchats, etc. However, he hits me up every once in a while and everything is totally normal. I really want to keep hanging out with this guy but I can’t help but think I’m just hurting myself! Should I ditch him? And if I do, how do I find a new “boyfriend?” Thanks Girl, Should I stay or Should I go? Dear Should I stay or Should I go, My first reaction to this — kick his ass to the curb. This situation is all too familiar. The feeling that the guy you’re seeing is your “boyfriend” without the title or commitment, the 2 a.m. weekend sex that is the highlight of your week, the internal tug of war of  “Do I stay because it’s convenient and consistent, or do I move on because he’s kind of a dick?” I wish I had listened to my friends when they gave me...

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Online housing hub makes Uptown renting easier

Miami students now have a new university-backed tool for navigating the sometimes-frightening waters of off-campus living in Oxford. Launched on Feb. 15, the new Off-Campus Housing listing site,, allows users to search for housing options, post their own sublease listings and talk on message boards about housing questions and concerns. The listings include both Miami-sponsored housing like Hawk’s Landing and Miami Preserve as well as a large number  of properties owned by Oxford rental companies and independent renters, all who pay a fee to have their posts displayed on the site. These listings can then be sorted through...

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TEDx club opens the floor to Miami students, faculty

Standing in the inverted spotlight of the red TEDx dot, Miami faculty, alumni, undergraduates and graduate students gathered on Sat. March 4 to learn from each others’ “ideas worth sharing.” For James Donnelly, president of TEDx Miami University, TEDx has the ability to empower the Miami community. “Other universities have been doing [TEDx] for a really long time and have been doing a really good job and they get recognition through that,” said Donnelly. “Places like Michigan or Harvard — yeah, we know they’re good — but we have great ideas worth sharing here, too. I think it’s really...

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Dennis Estridge takes out the trash

It was quiet Uptown. Traffic lights cast red-and-green glows over leftover rain pooling in the street. The sidewalks were empty but littered with evidence of the Miami student population’s Saturday night: Jimmy John’s and Bruno’s receipts plastering the sidewalk, crumpled balls of aluminum foil and half-eaten bagels lying abandoned by the curb. There was one person Uptown, wrapped in a neon yellow jacket. He was collecting some more evidence — discarded beer bottles — at the edge of the park. It was 5:26 a.m., and Dennis Estridge had just begun his shift. After 32 years as a mailman, 24 of which were spent in Oxford, he’d planned to retire for good. But a friend of his asked if he’d be willing to take a job cleaning up the city and its surrounding parks a few days a week, and nine years later, he’s glad he accepted. Estridge loves helping people, and he fondly remembers the times he was able to do this as a mailman — specifically, assisting an elderly woman named Helen by bringing her mail to her door and helping her fix things around her house. Working in Oxford also provides Estridge with the opportunity to aid the community — just in different ways. He’s often able to find and return lost car keys, wallets and I.D.’s (many fake), and sometimes students themselves. “Occasionally I’ll find a student on the...

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