Author: James Steinbauer

Miami’s endowment sees $12 million loss

Negative investment returns affect scholarships By James Steinbauer The investment returns on Miami University’s endowment pools lost an estimated $12 million dollars for the 2016 fiscal year, according to a report from the Board of Trustees Finance and Audit Committee. “There will be a small number of endowed funds where this diminishes what they will do,” Miami’s Vice President of Finance and Business Services David Creamer said. “There won’t be normal distributions occurring from those endowments.” The loss will affect five major endowments that would have distributed about $193,000 for faculty development and more than $291,000 in scholarships. Unlike...

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‘Love and Honor’ is missing one crucial thing: Respect

The following piece, written by the editorial editors, reflects the majority opinion of the editorial board. Love and Honor. Those two things, apparently, are the basis of all things Miami now. Emit love and honor in your interactions, represent your Miami community gracefully, speak to each other with respect. But the truth is that Love and Honor began simply as a big marketing campaign to match our fight song. It’s only just started to mean something real. So, in a value-based community such as ours, what does it mean that we accept, without statement for the rest of the...

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MU professor studies seismic sports activity

Samantha Brunn, The Miami Student Ohio State fans “Shook the Shoe” the weekend of the OSU v. Michigan game, and there were seisometers there to prove it. Michael Brudzinski, professor of Geology and Environmental Earth Sciences at Miami University, along with graduate student Shannon Fasola, in partnership with The Ohio State University and the Ohio Geologic Survey, conducted a project to measure the “fanquakes” caused by the rumbling of the stands at the recent OSU v. Michigan football game. Brudzinski said the main motivation of the project is an outreach effort aimed toward students in order to promote interest in the field of science. “I thought this project was a great opportunity to get the public excited about the sciences in a way that most of them would understand: through football,” Fasola said. “I was thrilled to be a part of something that seeks to heighten people’s interests in the sciences.” The partnership between OSU, Miami and the Ohio Geologic Survey was born out of an idea proposed to Brudzinski at an annual meeting of earthquake and seismology professionals in the state of Ohio. “This project gave us a chance to explain to people who may not have experienced an earthquake what it’s like to experience something that rarely happens here in the Midwest,” Brudzinski said. According to the website dedicated to the project, FanQuakes – Shake the Shoe,...

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Alt-right fliers hit Miami’s campus

Blog posts white-supremacist podcasts, articles By James Steinbauer, Editor-in-Chief Dozens of fliers promoting a pro-white, alt-right blog were pegged to bulletin boards in academic buildings and posted around Miami University’s campus last week. The fliers read: “Not seeing the America you want? Start changing it TODAY!” and “Tired of anti-white propaganda in college? You are not alone.” In one of the fliers, black hands labeled “BLM,” “feminism,” “LGBT” and “globalism” reach menacingly for a white man and woman, each holding a young child. The fliers include the web address for The Right Stuff, a self-described “political and cultural blog”...

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Trump was listening: We the People prevailed in this election

TO THE EDITOR: Last week, to the surprise of most, Donald J. Trump became the President-elect of the United States. Many Americans are thrilled, while others are already calling it a national tragedy. The latter are quick to express disdain for the American people, presuming that our society must be inherently idiotic, xenophobic, etc. if this man was elected to be president. The fact is, this election was never about policies. Rarely did we spend much time on the standard-platform issues of years past. The driving force of this election was not the difference between Left and Right, but...

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