Author: James Steinbauer

Hookup culture is nothing new and nothing to be ashamed of

Too often while scrolling through social media I come upon posts that talk about how hookup culture is the evilest of all evils.  I see articles written where people wish that we could go back to the time of dates, flowers and meeting parents.  These posts and articles moan about how we as a generation no longer date but “talk.” We no longer care about formalities, and somehow that means we no longer care about our partner. I cannot go through my Twitter without seeing my peers (typically the female ones) complain about how much more pleasant life would be if being open about your feelings and “going steady” were mainstream.  They compare this ideal to the norm of one-night stands, friends with benefits and the refusal of labels or exclusivity. Is casual, no-strings-attached sex common for us college students?  Yes.  But does that mean that we are not capable of loving and exclusive relationships?  No, of course not.  In fact, the idea of casual sex is nothing new.  Hookup culture has been around longer than we have (since the 1840s, in fact, when John Humphrey Noyes founded a community where sex was completely unromanticized and normalized). There is nothing wrong with sex — as long as it is practiced safely, ladies and gentlemen!  Condoms and consent are super important!  Sex is natural.  It has been proven that sex...

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Men’s basketball breaks four-game losing skid

Miami men’s basketball broke a four-game losing skid on Saturday against Central Michigan University. The RedHawks beat the Mid-American Conference opponent 81-76 in an afternoon game at Millett Hall. Miami powered through in the final minutes to improve to 10-15 overall, 3-9 in the MAC and 10-6 at home. CMU falls to 16-9, 6-6 in the MAC and 5-6 away. “First, I’m happy for our kids because I thought they played very unselfishly tonight,” head coach John Cooper said. “Quite frankly, after the second half we had last game, they could have come out and laid an egg. It...

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Women’s basketball wins second in a row

The Miami University women’s basketball team grabbed its second consecutive victory on Saturday afternoon, defeating Eastern Michigan University by a score of 79-63. With the win, the RedHawks improve to 9-16 (3-9 MAC) while the Eagles fall to 6-18 (1-11 MAC). Despite a 6-0 EMU run out of the gate, MU never wavered as sophomore forward Kendall McCoy led the way. Down 19-16, she hit a three that capped a ’Hawks rally, evening the score at 19 all. The Red and White dominated in the second quarter, quickly jumping out to a 14-0 run sparked by baskets from McCoy...

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Engineering program pushes students to tackle scientific challenges

This fall, Miami’s College of Engineering and Computing will be offering a new program in concert with their new Socially Engaged Engineering and Computing (SEEC) initiative. The new program, named the Grand Challenge Scholars Program (GCSP), is centered around preparing students to address “Grand Challenges” that affect both society and science. The GCSP takes 14 broad challenges and allows students to build a research plan from that topic and a framework designed by the National Academy of Engineering, who helped to create the national program. “The program is a natural fit for science, engineering, and computing, but should interest most majors,” said Troy Douglas, head of the steering committee and director of the program. The program plans to implement a student-mentor program that will have students who have been in the program help newer students that have selected the same challenge as them. Elaine Gossard, a junior bioengineering major, is one of the two students currently enrolled in the early stages of the program. “I was really excited that not only does Miami give us a great academic foundational experience, but also that next step of how can you use your gifts and talents to impact the world around you,” she said. The program is designed to fit around a student’s current curriculum with outside experiences like internships, faculty research or a service project and coursework that is typically...

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Middletown campus sees major increase in international enrollment

Since 2013, there has been a 633 percent increase in the number of international students enrolled at Miami’s Middletown campus. Only 30 international students were enrolled at Middletown in 2013, while 222 were enrolled as of fall 2016. International students now make up over 11 percent of the students enrolled at the Middletown campus. The increase is due largely to the creation of an English Language Center (ELC) in 2013, which offers more resources and support for international students, said Jerry Martin, regional director of the ELC. The center was created with the intention of bringing more international students to the Middletown campus, while also providing them the resources they need to be successful. “I think we recognized the growing number of institutions that were benefitting from international students on their campuses, and we wanted to bring in a larger number of students,” Martin said. The ELC offers an intensive program to help students build English proficiency and other skills needed to do well in their courses. The center also offers services to help students acclimate to American culture. International students are partnered with local host families for their entire stay in America, and the center reaches out to students during the semester through different service projects and outreach programs. “Our goal is not just to bring students here and be done with them. We want to give them...

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