Take article-sharing one step further: Start a dialogue

TO THE EDITOR: Many people believe that the prerequisite to enjoying human rights is to be human. But this isn’t the case — those rights are not delivered and protected on the basis of being a person, but rather being a citizen. When citizenship is stripped because of racial, ethnic, gendered or religious motives, a person finds themselves stateless: officially unrecognized by any state or nation. Precluded from registering children at birth, enrolling in schools and universities, participating in the formal economy or traveling without the risk of deportation, the stateless live as “ghost citizens” in their communities. This...

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Basketball falls at Mizzou, set to host IUPUI

Emily Simanskis, The Miami Student The Miami University men’s basketball team’s offensive production didn’t make the trip to Columbia, Missouri when Miami played the University of Missouri on Tuesday, as the ‘Hawks lost 81-55. Miami drops to 4-5 overall and remains winless on the road. Mizzou improves to 5-3 overall and 4-1 at home. Both teams made less than 40 percent of the shots they took, with Miami making 30.5 percent and Mizzou scoring 37.3 percent of their attempts.  “Well, we haven’t taken good shots—we’ve had some streaks where we haven’t taken good shots,” head coach John Cooper said....

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Students voice dining concerns to ASG

By Grace Scarberry, The Miami Student Miami University students had the opportunity to express their concerns at an ASG organized event on Wednesday, December 7 in the Armstrong Student Center. Most students related to each other through their common concern about on-campus dining. Amy Berg, ASG’s secretary for Communications and Media Relations, organized the event with her communications committee. “In my role as Secretary for Communications, it is my job to ensure that ASG is known on campus as a brand,” Berg said. “Part of that is having interactions with the students.” Such interaction involves making sure students’ voices...

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‘Awaken, My Love!’: Childish Gambino ditches rap on his strongest release yet

By Sam Keeling, Staff Writer It’s impossible to discuss Donald Glover, the musician, without bringing up Donald Glover, the actor/writer. Although he likes to tell interviewers that his career on the screen and his rap persona, Childish Gambino, are different entities tackling separate issues and ideas, the fact is that there are clear parallels between the two. And that doesn’t change with his third major release, “Awaken, My Love!” Glover made a name for himself in 2009 when he began his role as the lovable goof, Troy Barnes, on NBC’s cult comedy, “Community.” Around that same time, he began...

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Stop blaming voters for the election: Instead, look ahead

By Emma Kinghorn, The Miami Student The 2016 presidential election has been unprecedentedly scandalous, tumultuous and divisive. Few people could have predicted this election cycle, and in response, the whole of America seems to be dead set on assigning a “blame” for its results. It’s the media’s fault. It’s the electoral college’s fault. It’s uneducated voters’ fault. It’s white males’ fault. It’s the basket of deplorables’ fault. It’s Russia’s fault. How can this be someone’s, or something’s, fault? Journalists have come under fire post-election for not covering enough, doing enough or for perpetuating the Trump phenomenon. According to the...

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