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Steve Miller Band to play Parent’s Weekend

Jonah Hein The Steve Miller Band, with hits like “Fly Like an Eagle'”and “Joker,” will perform Oct. 28 in front of a live audience at Millett Hall. (Michael Pickering) While some students don’t know more than a few of The Steve Miller Band’s most popular titles, many are still willing to give them a listen during Parent’s Weekend this October. “I don’t know who they are, but I am looking forward to seeing them play,” said first-year James Deacon. Sounds of the blues-inspired rock ‘n’ roll group, The Steve Miller band, will resonate through Millett Hall Oct.28. “We wanted to do a concert (during Parent’s Weekend) this year because the past few years we’ve had comedians come and perform for Parent’s Weekend,” said Gary Manka, director of student activities and leadership. “We were torn between the Blues Brothers and The Steve Miller Band, but there was a general consensus to go with the latter. I’m really glad it worked out this way.” While stating that she feels the group’s music will appeal to all, Patti Swofford, director of the Performing Arts Series, said Miami students may not immediately recognize The Steve Miller Band. Such is the case for senior Matt Kendra. “Steve Miller Band? A bit before our time, but it might be worth a ticket for someone,” Kendra said. Swofford thinks students will be familiar with more of...

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Online ticket sales get personal

Rachel Waddick Wish you could have gotten tickets to the Ohio State University vs. University of Texas game? If you would have checked out FaceTIX, chances are you could have. Two Virginia Tech University graduates, David Gentzel and Nathan Jones, created the Web site, which offers students an opportunity to sell, purchase or swap tickets with their friends or fellow students. According to Jones, in order to access the Web site, a user must log in using his or her account information. Once successfully logged in, is able to obtain a list of the user’s friends and connections via Facebook’s application programming interface, or API. According to Facebook, the API is a service that provides a way for other applications to access Facebook’s content on behalf of Facebook members. “But that’s it for our relationship with Facebook,” Jones said. “FaceTIX is a completely independent site.” Gentzel and Jones first came up with the idea as they thought back upon their first year at college, when they struggled to get tickets to any Virginia Tech football game. “Dave and I are pretty into college football,” Jones said. “It gets frustrating when you can’t get tickets to an event that you really want to go to.” Jones said that their main goal was to provide a way for any student to attend any sporting event of their choice....

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Laptop program off to good start

Katie Booher A semester after the initiation of the Miami Notebook program, a collaboration between Information Technology (IT) Services and the Miami University Bookstore, IT Services believes that eventually 100 percent of all Miami students will purchase a laptop through the university. “Of the students who purchased (computers), 91 percent of the 2,000 units sold went to first-year students,” said Kathleen Brinkman, director of IT Support Services. “We didn’t develop the program until November or December of last year, so some folks had already purchased a laptop or weren’t in the market or hadn’t heard about it, but we will be advertising earlier this year.” The program offers lower-priced computers to Miami students, but is not mandatory. IT Services and the bookstore started promoting the new program at the beginning of spring semester last year, which led to a definite increase in sales this year, according to Joe Martin, the Miami University Bookstore computer manager. “This year to date we’ve sold 2,000 notebooks compared to last year’s 700,” Martin said. “Some of that was because we were able to lower prices and offer kids computers hassle free and some was because IT has been able to step up its computer support.” In order to better assess incoming students’ computer needs, IT Services worked with a marketing class in the Richard T. Farmer School of Business to study computer trends,...

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Butler County expands current computer recycling program

Chelsea Chase Local waste management will continue to dispose of students’ computers. (Paige Sims) The Solid Waste Management District of the Butler County Department of Environmental Services has instituted its first long-term electronic disposal program to ensure that hazardous materials from the disposal of old electronics do not end up in landfills. The electronics drop-off program is being executed with the help of the Butler County Board of Commissioners. Electronics contain heavy metals like lead, mercury and copper along with other potentially hazardous substances. Though not dangerous while in a computer or cell phone, these toxic materials enter the environment when electronic equipment is crushed or incinerated in landfills. “Butler County Commissioners are very excited to provide this service to Butler County residents,” said Mary Lynn Lodor, environmental division head of Butler County Environmental Services. “It gets precious materials out of landfills and provides them as resources so they can be reused, refurbished or made into other goods.” In the past, this service has been available only during isolated dates once or twice a year. This past year, collection began March 11 and ended Sept.16. It took old computers, cell phones, printers, and ink cartridges off residents’ hands at no cost. Every Saturday between 8 a.m. and noon, residents could hand over their electronics to workers at 130 High St. in Hamilton. The program has drawn more than 500...

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Campus Crusade assembles group to help combat AIDS

Lindsey Wagner They can talk the talk, but this past Saturday Miami University students proved they can walk the walk as well, at the Walk to Stop AIDS. Enlisting the help of her friends and other Campus Crusade for Christ members, Annie Milligan, a Miami senior speech pathology and audiology major, organized a group of 11 Miami students to participate in the AIDS Volunteers of Cincinnati’s Walk to Stop AIDS, in order to help to raise AIDS awareness. According to the Web site of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit organization that focuses on major health care issues, Ohio was ranked 15th in the country with 6,722 cases of AIDS 2004 and between 1999 and 2003 Butler County had a total of 71 reported cases of HIV. Those who walked expressed their reasons for participating. “We want to show people that we love them by serving them,” said Kimberly Matchett, a volunteer and senior zoology major, about the aims of Crusade’s participation. The annual five-mile pledge walk, previously known as Red Ribbon Walk for AIDS, was held Sept. 16 at Sawyer Point’s Schott Amphitheater and drew volunteers from across the tri-state area. This year marked the first that Campus Crusade has put together a group to volunteer, but Milligan hopes it will not be the last of its kind. “We don’t do things like this very often,...

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