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Inauguration of President Trump: MU2DC program gives students a look at history

Bonnie Meibers, Senior Staff Writer WASHINGTON — Droves of Americans poured into the nation’s capital to attend President Donald Trump’s inauguration and the Women’s March the following day, many Miami students among them. The Inside Washington and MU2DC programs sent students to witness history, as did the Government Relations Network (GRN), which was sponsored by Miami’s Office of Institutional Relations. Several students also attended on their own. Junior Emily Weber spent the summer in Washington D.C. participating in the Inside Washington program and returned to the capital this month with the MU2DC program. “After being so tuned into the...

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Student Disability Services, Rinella move to Shriver

Bonnie Meibers, Senior Staff Writer Miami’s Student Disability Services (SDS) and Rinella Learning Center have new homes this semester as part of upgrades to Shriver Center. Since the 1990s, SDS and Rinella had been located in the basement of the Campus Avenue Building (CAB), a locale SDS director Andrew Zeisler said had its disadvantages. “CAB was a nice space and it served its purpose at the time, but we were in the basement,” Zeisler said. “Philosophically, that’s not a good place for disability services to be.” Now, SDS is more accessible than ever, thanks to $25,000 in accessibility upgrades...

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Humans of Oxford: Karen Mayet: Don’t stop the beat

No matter what she’s doing — working, walking, sitting in class — if you see Karen Mayet, odds are she’s thinking about one thing: music. At only 5 years old she tried to soothe her younger brother, Rod, who was fussing in the backseat, by creating her own lullaby. She was awed by the melody’s power to close his eyes, though now she admits that he probably fell asleep because he was 3 and it was late. Rod fell asleep and Karen fell in love. Two years later Karen was practicing on a small, homemade stage in her basement,...

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2017 Academy Awards: Is ‘La La Land’ poised to win most awards ever?

By Kirby Davis, Entertainment Editor The Academy Awards usually feel like a stiffer, soberer successor of the Golden Globes, weighted down by lofty prestige (plus predictability, based on previous award show winners). But after a decidedly lagging Globes broadcast last month, the Oscars don’t have much to live up to on Feb. 26. In a brief reprieve from the nonstop political chaos besieging the news, Hollywood’s finest will gather to display their freshly painted manicures for E!’s nail polish red carpet camera and celebrate 2016’s most notable cinematic storytellers. Here’s what you should know for a properly immersive viewing...

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‘Blackfish,’ ‘Bee Movie’ and more titles to avoid while Netflixing and Chilling

By Haley Miller, THE MIAMI STUDENT With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, students all over Oxford are planning romantic evenings with their special someones. Dinner and a movie is a bit of a challenge, as the nearest movie theater is 30 minutes away. Besides, who wants to pay $10 to sit in a room filled with noisy strangers and eat stale popcorn? So, dim those lights and clean your laptop screen, because it’s time for Netflix and Chill™. Bewitch your lover on a budget but be sure to avoid these titles: “Blackfish.” It’s an incredibly moving and affecting documentary that...

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