First African American at Miami remembered

By Reis Thebault, Editor-in-chief Peter Bruner accomplished a lot in his 93-year life. He was born into slavery in Clark County, Kentucky and throughout his early life, tried several times to escape, finally succeeding in 1864 when he enrolled in the Union army. After fighting in the Civil War, Bruner moved to Oxford, got married and eventually became the first African American to work at Miami University, where he met U.S. President William Howard Taft. He then wrote all about it in his humble autobiography, “A Slave’s Adventures Toward Freedom.” To kick off Historic Preservation Month, several city organizations are sponsoring...

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Breaking news: Africa is more than one country

Reis’ Pieces Fifty-four countries, 1.1 billion people, 2,000 languages, but just one name: Africa. When I returned from South Africa at the end of last summer, everyone from my family to friends and professors asked me about Africa. “Weren’t you in Africa?” “How was Africa?” No one asked me in which country I had spent the summer. To most people, it seems, they’re all the same. This is a dangerous ignorance. What’s worse, the chronic misidentification of the world’s second largest continent extends beyond my own circle. Discussing Africa as if it were a country is endemic to western...

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Police searched Tipton, not car

Experts say lack of probable cause prevented OPD from searching Tipton’s car for weapons On Jan. 31, the night before Larry E. Tipton II shot and killed junior Rebecca Eldemire and himself, three OPD officers met him in Eldemire’s parking lot at Level 27 apartments. Minutes earlier, Eldemire had told a 911 dispatcher that Tipton owned guns. Tipton consented to a search and one of the officers patted him down, OPD spokesperson Sgt. Jon Varley said. “They patted him down and looked through the bag that he was carrying,” Varley said. The officers did not, however, search Tipton’s car....

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Questions, few answers in police investigation

Since Larry E. Tipton II shot and killed junior Rebecca Eldemire, then himself, on Sunday morning, OPD’s investigation and subsequent silence has raised more questions than it has answered. The first, and most prominent, is: what happened Saturday night? At a press conference Monday, OPD’s spokesman Sgt. Jon Varley gave reporters a basic account of the apparent murder-suicide. But, when pressed for details, he said he had planned to tell reporters more, but the City of Oxford’s law director Stephen McHugh instructed him against it. McHugh did not return calls requesting more information. Then, when asked for details again...

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911 calls reveal OPD knew shooter owned guns

In a 911 call 10 hours before she was killed, junior Rebecca Eldemire told a dispatcher her ex-boyfriend Larry E. Tipton II, who was on his way to her apartment, owned guns. Before leaving for Oxford that night, Tipton left a suicide note in his Columbus-area apartment, a search warrant inventory said. At 9:56 p.m., Eldemire called 911. She told the dispatcher that her ex-boyfriend was coming to see her and that she was nervous. Cincinnati’s Local 12 WKRC-TV obtained the recordings of 911 calls. In the recorded call, Eldemire told the dispatcher she had broken up with her...

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