Miami limiting nighttime dorm access

In an effort to improve safety on campus, Miami University implemented a new policy this semester that restricts residence hall access to one door between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. “We care deeply about Miami students and want to do everything we can to keep students safe,” said Vicka Bell-Robinson, director of Residence Life. “Limiting the number of entrances into a facility, especially overnight, is one way to do that.” Residence halls are locked 24 hours a day, and students who live in the residence hall can unlock the doors using their Miami IDs. This move, Bell-Robinson said, allows...

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Miami students, faculty hit with flu

Miami University students and faculty, and the rest of the country, have been hit hard with the flu this year. Hospitals are seeing three times more flu cases this month than the five-year average, and the Cincinnati area has been heavily affected, according to the Ohio Department of Health. Since the beginning of flu season, McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital has had 259 positive flu tests and 22 hospital admissions due to the influenza, said TriHealth spokesperson Joe Kelly.   Although it is harder to measure data for Miami, since students recently returned to campus, Student Health Services has also been treating an increasing number of students, faculty and their families for the flu.   First-year Mady Neal caught the H3N2 strain of the virus before coming back to school. “I felt horrible. I had a fever of 103 [degrees], and I would alternate between sweating and getting cold chills. I had no energy, and my head was always pounding,” Neal said. It is this particular strain of the virus that is producing the worst side effects. “H3N2 seems to be a very strong aggressive strain of the virus, so people are a little bit sicker than with some other strains,” said Cynthia Traficant, practice manager of the Miami Student Health Services. Neal affirmed this, saying that although she had the flu before, it has never been this bad or lasted...

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MedLife makes ‘Pads for a Purpose’

This January, women in Ecuador will get to use pads handcrafted by students at Miami University. Miami’s chapter of Medlife will meet in Armstrong tonight to sew reusable pads as part of the Pads for a Purpose project. Medlife is a national organization dedicated to providing medicine, education and development for low income families both locally and globally. Miami’s club got the idea for the project from a group of students at another university and was inspired to make them last year for a trip they took to Tanzania. The project was a success, making over a hundred pads,...

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Student Counseling Service expands staff

Due to the high demand of students wanting to use their services, the Miami University Student Counseling Service has hired two new staff members, a receptionist and psychiatric nurse, and is in the process of acquiring two more counselors.   Last school year, 11.44 percent of Miami students utilized the counseling services, which was a slight increase from 11.13 percent during the 2015-2016 school year. This is almost double the amount of students who attended the counseling center a decade ago, when just 7 percent used the services. “The primary reason for expanding the staff is that we have had over the last several years waiting times that were uncomfortably long for students who were wanting ongoing individual counseling,” Kip Alishio, director of the student counseling service, said. Nick Froehlich, junior and ASG off-campus senator, began advocating for improvements to the Student Counseling Service when he learned of a friend who called for an appointment in November and was told the center had no time to meet with him until March. “They don’t have enough resources,” Froehlich said. “They are maxed out. They run at maximum efficiency where they have low salary interns and half time doctoral assistants. They do group therapy. They stretch their dollar very, very thin.” While over 11 percent of the student body uses the counseling services, studies show that around 25 percent of students...

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