The U.S. cannot remain silent on Israel

The legacy of America’s war on terrorism and subsequent Middle Eastern involvement will be one of ambiguous strategic aims combined with piercing hypocrisy. Our outrage over human rights is selective, and often ephemeral. America will blithely invade unfriendly countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq to “liberate” their oppressed citizens by deposing of autocracy. However, we turn a blind eye to a Palestinian human rights crisis intentionally started by Israel, or on a more horrific scale, Saudi Arabia’s massacre of Yemenis.  At least, though, America’s attitude toward Saudi Arabia has ranged from wary to critical. The same cannot be said for our current government’s unwavering and wholehearted support for Israel, a country which, in recent months has proved itself to be corrupt and shamefully violent. The United States is rightly considered a catalyst for Israel’s existence, promoting a safe space for the assailed Jewish people. It has duly protected Israel, after helping form the Jewish state in a sea of enemies baying for its destruction. In 2016, Obama, who never fully embraced Prime Minister Netanyahu, still allocated $38 billion in financial aid to Israel, the largest foreign aid payment in American history. It’s unquestionable that Israel should continue to be an ally of the U.S., and ideally a partner in moving toward a more secure Middle East. However, Israel enjoys a uniquely sacrosanct position in American politics, specifically within our...

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Facts first: the key to American democracy

A true democracy can only exist when voters are employing shared facts in their decision making. Democracies are designed for people to decide their representation through elections based on how candidates’ positions agree with their own. Through this ingenious system, the government is composed of the intentions of the majority of the people. However, this can only work when people know the candidates’ positions. That relies on facts, which are becoming maligned commodities. Facts are not partisan. They exist in a neutral space to be interpreted in a partisan and personal manner. Facts are, by their nature, true, or else they would cease to be facts. Therefore, it is upon facts that we should attempt to base our decisions. It is a fact that Russia launched a deliberate program designed to influence the American populace before, during, and after the 2016 election. It is as true as anything in a history textbook, for it has been confirmed by the nonpartisan FBI, CIA and Justice Department based on their research. It is not a fact that this caused Donald Trump to be elected president, nor that Trump colluded with the Russians during this attack. The latter is a question yet to be answered, and the former will never be known, so this article will not discuss it. Russia, America’s erstwhile Cold War enemy, launched an attack against the United States. It...

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U.S.-North Korea conflict shouldn’t disrupt Olympics

As the eyes of the world turn to Pyeongchang for the Winter Olympics, many will also be side-eyeing its Northern neighbor. North Korea and the U.S. have continued to brashly threaten each other in order to curtail the other’s aggressive military actions. Despite strong words from President Trump, America has failed at its primary objective with North Korea: preventing their attainment of a nuclear weapon. Recently, North Korea has demonstrated being on the verge of developing an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), capable of hitting the continental United States. This past week, Trump’s pick for the South Korean Ambassador, Victor...

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Viewers should lower their expectations for this Sunday’s Super Bowl

A tumultuous season of football shall come to an end this Sunday, as the inexorable New England Patriots face off against the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl. Like the last NFL season in general, what was supposed to be a highly-anticipated slugfest may peter out into a one-sided dud. The Patriots are the Death Star, whose only apparent weakness in the Super Bowl, Eli Manning, missed the postseason by approximately 10 games. They relentlessly churn through players and teams towards their yearly championship runs. Showing the flexibility of the NFL concussion protocol, depending how high the stakes are, Patriots star tight-end Rob Gronkowski has healed from his concussion remarkably quickly and is expected to play. With that man-child Gronk, and the dynamic wideout Brandin Cooks, the Patriots are in perfect shape to put up points in U.S. Bank Stadium Sunday. On defense, the Patriots front office continues to aggressively target undervalued players, picking up former Steeler legend and athletic freak James Harrison. He joins a motley assembly of pass rushers complemented by a stringent secondary. The New England defense has always been a “bend but not break” unit, and it would be absolutely shocking to see them blown out like the Vikings were to these same Eagles. The Eagles are an unusual Super Bowl team, and difficult to pin down. Going into the playoffs, they were a recognizable...

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The Grand Ornery Party

2016 should have been the rebirth of the Republican party. With a sweeping electoral stroke, Republicans captured an impressive majority of blue-collar rustbelt workers. They simultaneously savaged the Democratic aristocracy and ended the Clinton dynasty, while maintaining control of both the Senate and the House. Despite these successes, however, Despite this success however, this party has been almost unbelievably inept, inefficient, and incapable of governing. Republican factions are riddled with infighting and chafing under an uncaring and unhelpful leader. Every piece of legislative agenda Paul Ryan tries to advance winds up being another sword to fall upon.  Now that the GOP agenda is no longer concerned with blindly obstructing Obama’s presidency, our neo-Republican party finds itself unable to transition to actual leadership. A lot of this ineptitude has been overshadowed by the antics of their elected leader, President Trump. While his asinine tweets and insane actions capture a lot of attention, they obfuscate more significant party-wide failures. House Speaker Paul Ryan has spent the past year alternating between cowardly sidestepping, without ever taking a moral stand against Trump’s depravity, and consistently failing to get a single piece of legislation passed through a majority Congress. So far, the only success of this administration has been putting Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, and even that required changing the voting laws to bypass Democratic resistance. Trump has eroded the morality of the GOP, often forcing his party’s members to...

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